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Girls day out 16/6/13

I am supposed to blog about Father's Day celebration first, but since it requires emotions, I decided to blog about my girls day out first!

So I actually went out with my babes on Father's day! I was in quandary actually! It took me whole morning to decide what to do! Cause daddy seemed to have planned where to bring us to today! I coudn't decide cause it's been ages since I last hung out with Tyqa too! And she's gonna finish her internship real soon, so I really couldn't make up my mind. So I asked for daddy's opinion and dad asked me to just meet up with Tyqa if I really want to!

We reached the mall pretty early but the parking lot was already full! Imagine... 11.30 a.m with no parking space! We had no choice but to park at rooftop! We were starving while we were waiting for another friend, Kak Ekin to come, so we had one piece of doughnut each while waiting! hahhahahahahahh!

 I picked up the berry something which I cant recall...
Due to the design! 
Love shape always wins! U know.. Always! hahahahahahhaha!

When kak ekin arrived, we proceed straight away to Nando's! hahhahahahahhah! We've already discussed what to eat when we were eating our doughnuts! So once kak ekin reached, we walked straight to Nando's and dine! hahahhahahahha!

Well, my mind is quite slow now! I can't think of much words to say! So as usual, pictures would do all the talking! :D

 Me and Tyqa! :D
My pretty darling! <3

After eating halfway, Tyqa's friend Pin came and joined us! heeee.. I don't have a photo of him eating, but he helped three of us to take photos! :D

After the meal, of course we went for shopping!!! :D

Kak Ekin, Yours Truly, Tyqa and Pin! :D
This was Pin, approached a cute guy, to ask him to take photo for us! hahhahahahahha!
Mad embarrassing!!! hahahahhahha! 

After that just normal walking around and just a lot of talking! :D

That's all! :D It was a great day though it was simple! Had loads of fun! :D

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