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"Things changed" This is by far the sentence I heard most from broken up couples.

But really, things changed? Or people changed? Or actually it's your perception that has changed? Believe it or not, when your perception changes, many things change. When you are madly in love, everything he/she does adores you, when you are no longer in love, every little things you once found adorable became annoying and unbearable. It's the mind that manipulates your feelings. 

And one may argue by saying, perhaps it's emotions? Or love? 

Love is an invention, love is an imagination. It's actually a situation you created that makes you sugar high. You can always recreate love, recreate this situation, love fades when one doesn't practice love. 

Be a Giver, don't be a taker! The universe promises return! Give, give unconditionally, don't doubt and don't be afraid of rejection, give without expecting return, and leave the rest to the universe, the universe will decide when to give you back and what to give you back. Just don't expect anything,  expectation leads to disappointment. Let the universe do its job while you do yours. 

Happiness, is something you can practice. And emotions are feelings that you need not to identify with. You should be aware of your emotion, don't deny it, but you don't have to identify with. As absurd as it may sound, we are in control of our emotions, but these days, emotions are in control of us. Most people find themselves losing strength to do anything when they are depressed, putting themselves into devastation. This is unhealthy. A quick example, when a lottery that won RM10 million is given to a person who is upset, he wouldn't tell you I am sorry I am too upset to handle this amount of money, instead he will reel in joy and forget that he was feeling depressed just a second ago. 

Don't be a victim of emotion. Emotions affect sleeping quality. If you are in control of it, you sleep better, and you have more energy. The more energy you have, the stronger your will to take action. The more action you take, the happier you feel. And the happier you feel, THE BETTER YOUR RELATIONSHIPS ARE. 

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