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1. My full name is Tan Jia Shin Jessica

2. I am a Sagittarius baby! So I reckon that pretty much explains how much of a hyperactive person I am! And I love challenges! :D

3. 3 FEARS:  (a) LONELINESS (b) Spider webs (c) Darkness

4. 3 things I LOVE: (a) Sunglasses (b) Perfumes (c) Necklace

5. 4 turn on's: (a) Intelligence (b) career (c) Smells good (d) Short and neat hair 

6. 4 turn off's: (a) LONG HAIR (b) SMOKE (c) LAZY (d) DIRTY

7. My best friend: Winnie, Ungku Aishah (not in order, I love them all equally much!!!!)

8. Despite the fact that I am very sweet with my girls, I AM STRAIGHT and I am heterosexual! 

9. My best first date: NONE! So... Who wants to give me the best first date? :P

10. My height is..... Alright. I am petite! I am 156cm. 

11. What do I miss? I miss the Jessica who is a Miss Independent, charismatic and shines! 

12. I think I was born in the morning!

13. My favourite colors go to... RED, PINK, BLACK. 

14. Do i have a crush? Uhmmmm... No. -_-

15. My favourite quote is... "Chase after your dreams"

16. My favourite place is the none the other than my home sweet home! 

17. Favourite food: (It will take up about 3 pages long) Japanese, Korean, Abalone, Western...

18. Sarcasm is my primary language! Hahahahahahhahahahahahha! :P

19. I am listening to Close your eyes by Michael buble! :D

20. I always look at their uhhmmmm... The way they dress.

21. Shoe size: I am in a size 6! :D

22. Typical asian black eyes! :( Saddddd....

23. Typical asian super blackkkkkkkk hair colour! 

24. I love to wear anything that makes me look sophisticated! :D

25. Prank call? That's my fav thing to do! hahahhahahahahahhaha!

26. Errrrhhhhhh..... NEXT! Hahhahahahahahhahah!

27. It's just my nameeeeeeee!!! It's obvious isn't it? hahhahahahahahha.

28. Favourite movie... I have too many! And I have short term memory! Hahhahahahhahahah!

29. Favourite song... Uhmmmm... LAWSON'S!!!!!!!

30. Favourite band: Need not to mention, I am head over heels for LAWSON!!!!

31. I am feeling very very very happy lately! Even my mom said I am the happiest person in the family! Hahhahahahahahahhha!

32. I love my daddy, mummy and my sisters! :D

33. Relationship status? WUWAAAAAAA... SINGLE of course! 

34. I think I am in the bestt stateeeee of relationship with my family members so far! 

35. Favourite holiday? I AM A HOLIDAY PERSON! Hahhahahahahhahaha! I love all the holidays! :D

36. Tattoos and piercings? Uhmmmm.... I have 3 piercings on my right ear and 1 at my left ear! :D

37. I am not into tattoo! And I don't think I am going to pierce anymore, at this moment!

38. Ohhhhh.. I joined tumblr ages ago and I could hardly remember my log in ID and password now! Hahhahahahahahahhahahahha!

39. The last book I read was THE LAST LECTURE! It is such an amazing book! 

40. Good morning and Good night? Yeapppp!!! From my babes only! Hahhahahahahah! And heyyyy.. I really love good morning and good night texts! Be it just a sentence! It makes me smile! :)

41. The last person I texted was Eugene Fool..

42. Hold hands? I just held my sister's hand when we were walking in the mall just now! :P

43. Uhmmmm... It depends on where am I heading to! If campus, I take about an hour! Including taking breakfast! :D

44. Hahahahhahhhah! Dun feel like answering!

45. I yemmmmm in my room! With my sleepy head! Hahhahahahahahhahah! 

46. Errrrrr.. I don't think I would ever let myself get drunk! Heeeeee.... After all, drinking and get drunk is bad for health! You don't wanna live with a nonfunctional liver don't you? 

47. I like loud music when I am sad! The other times, moderately loud will do! :D

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