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Decided not to be kind anymore

I keep telling people around me that today will be the day that I decide whether I am still going to be kind in the future.

So this is basically how the story goes...

Yesterday, I finished my class by noon, as I was walking to my car, I was called upon by an uncle, he looked so worried and helpless. So there he was asking me to help him. I stopped by and listened to him. He held a phone in his hand, and he really looked anxious and worried.

He told me his car ran out of petrol and he needed my help. I kept quiet and he said he left his wallet at his office and with this condition, he may not be able to get back to his office. He asked me if I have cash with me. Since it was the first day of the month, I really don't have much cash with me. So I just told him that I really don't have money with me at all. He then asked me if I have at least RM10.

I was being ignorant and I went straight into the car, because I have this thought on my mind that, even if I were kind enough to help him out as in lending him money, how am I gonna get my money back? So I went in and decided to leave that place.

But then I turned my head and I saw him still standing there, I saw him looking so furious, and it practically raised the empathy in me, WHICH IS SO FREAKING RARE! FYI, I have never donated to people who come to me randomly and ask for donation, I have never given money to any beggars and I have never bought any OVERPRICED charity stuffs. I just don't have all these empathy, which I think it's a norm in society nowadays, we live in the world full of people trying to con us, it's self defense.

So then, I went down and handed over RM10 to him! He looked thankful indeed, and then he promised me he would return the money to me, the next day, which is today! he asked me when will I be free, I told him I would be in campus around 10-6 and he said he would be there to pay me back. he then gotten my number and my name and I left with a smile on my face, with the thought that I have done something KIND and MEANINGFUL!.

BUT HELL NO! Today....... He didn't come and I didn't receive a single call from him!

So when I told my mum about it, she said I was conned. WTH! HOW DARE HE JUST SIMPLY MISUSE MYYYYYYYY EMPATHY!!!!!!!! I AM SO HEARTBROKEN! As it is so rare for me to do something kind like giving out money to the needy, and this is how I am treated in return!


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