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Pullman's Putrajaya

Hyeeeee!!! It's been a while I didn't update lifestyle post! I usually blog about life lessons and stuffs! Because my life is plain boring! Hahhahahahahahhaa! Not really.. It's just that I am too busy to blog. 

So here comes the occasional "holidays" again this weekend. It's a weekend full of indulgent and happiness! :D

Everytime these special days come, it took us very long to figure out where to dine at! hahahhahahahha! We wanted to dine at Majestic Hotel but man it requires booking one week earlier. When we called the restaurant, it was already fully booked. We then googled and took us half day to finally discover this hotel in Putrajaya! The price is so much cheaper so we decided to give it a try! 

It was at Pullman's Hotel, Putrajaya Lakeside. :)

Below are the photos I randomly took when I was walking. I was justtttt soooo mesmerized by the design there. It's so exotic! :)

 These are the main food I picked up on my first round!
Just don't judge me.
I ate a lot tonight! Hahhahahahahah!

 Pretty cray cray I know! 
I looked fugly here but who cares! :P hahhahahahahaha!

Believe it or not! I ate each of the desserts served! Hahhahahahahhah!

Ok! So basically in the end I was too full! 
End of story! 

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