Things that cheer me up

Life is full of ups and downs. If we keep focus on the down side of life, we magnify our sorrow and it makes life harder. Try looking at the bright side instead- simple things in life that promise whole lot of happiness in return.

Here I have a few things that make me very happy, and the happiness simply defies description. :)

It's desserts at 10pm.
We are talking about me who has strict diet.
Because... Breaking rules occasionally, sets us free.
And this is not the usual combination I would pick. 
It's the brand new cotton candy and red velvet.
I dared myself to step out of the frame.
I dared myself for a change. 
And I am amazed. 
Because, changing once in a while, 
give us chances to explore and discover all the hidden beauties in life. 

Because it is made up of hundreds of feelings,
thousand of thoughts,
and millions of love. 
To touch that one heart. 

Because doing an assignment has never been this fun.
It's more like a bonding session.
I found a sister that day.
I found heart and mind that think alike.
I found a person who I can laugh with.
And I found pure happiness. 
Sometimes, being with the right person is the easiest way to achieve happiness. 

Here I mean any kind of relationship.
Be it with family, lover or friends.
Because a good quality relationship is the one that stays the same, perhaps becomes better,
even after major fight.
Human should be true to each other. 
And communication is the only way two souls connect.

Because my sister keeps playing this song.
And I am loving it.
Now this song stuck in my mind like I have hit on a replay button! 

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