Photo diary: A day with PIDM at Sheraton Imperial hotel

This blog post contains minimal wordings.. And pictures will tell the story on my behalf. However, I would add in some captions here and there, to help convey messages which photos couldn't seem to tell. 

It was a big day for us. I woke up early that day to prepare myself. I made sure I looked presentable and smart! ;)

When we arrived, breakfast was already served. We were invited cordially to have our breakfast while waiting for all the guests to arrive. 

My sister and I.
She was very grumpy that morning and she refused to socialize with anyone. -.-
This is after I gave her a good lecture. 
Then she started taking photos with everyone.

This is one of the directors of PIDM!

 Us with the in house lawyer from the legal department of PIDM!

After done with all the agenda, all of us had lunch together, along with the CEO of PIDM!
It was an honour!

Guess what's this???

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