A fully packed Sunday

It was on the 4th of August, as you could tell from the title itself, it was a really packed Sunday, I barely had time to even gasp for air! I kept rushing here and there and was panting hard to rush from one place to another! Hahahahahahhaha. Yea, I exaggerated a bit. :P

So as my usual Sunday would be, I worked. I have no idea what happened, oversleeping has started to infest me. I usually had no problem with waking up in the morning and was quite disciplined, but I guess staying up owl night (pun intended) has taken its toll on me. Hahahahaha. I woke up late and arrived at my workplace pretty late. >_< But I have requested to leave early that day. :D Thank god my manager was ok with it.

Boring working selfie! :P

I was quite busy that morning and i cleaned the perfume counter pretty late and I got sounded by a busybody customer, he asked me: "Why do you start working so late? It's an hour after the opening business hour? You don't wanna do business?" I was annoyed, seriously. But I shrugged it off and gave him a hypocrite smile. I am really good at faking smile. Hahahhahahahah. 

So here are a few conversations I could recall at the workplace:
1. Customer: Are you a malay or chinese? Well, your face looks confusing to me.
    Me: Chinese" *showing sad face*
    Customer: Don't be sad. It's a good thing you know. 
    Me: *fake smile*

2. Customer:  Can you give me more free gift?
    Me: No sir! I can't. Cause ur purchase is already a promotion item. No gift should be given to          promotional items.
   Customer: Yes.. You can. It all depends on your kindness and how nice are you as a fragrance consultant.
   Me: I am sorry sir. I really can't. Please pay at the cashier and collect your product from me after making payment. 
*Customer comes back. I gave additional gift*
   Customer: Whoa! I knew u are a kind lady. You are so nice! Btw.. I am not going back to my hometown because I just got a new job here. Please come to visit my house during raya.. 
   Me: *fake smile*

So I finally got my work shift done by 5pm and in between I dozed off so many times. Hahahahahaha. 

I rushed home, had my meal, showered and attended a Music Festival at Centro Klang. 

10 years back, when I was still a member of a choir, we were invited to perform and was featured on the paper. I can't believe I am coming back to watch others performing after 10 years. I felt so touched!!

The performance was fairly good. Hahahahhahahahahahha! Nothing too fascinating though! But it felt relaxing to watch a musical performance! 

I had to leave the Music Festival earlier because I had to meet up with Tyqa's friend. But I was too pissed off because of his attitude, I drank a cup of chatime to chill myself. Hahahahahahha! FML. Drinking chatime at late night. >_<

I was feeling extremely exasperated because Tyqa's best friend Pin ezzwan wanted to buy perfume from me. He requested me to deliver the perfume to him, I agreed. Because I thought he was kind! But.... WTF! He is such a liar! I told him to see him at 10pm that night, he said ok initially but when it was 10pm, he told me he was at Kajang! He told me to pass the perfume to his friend first and he would pay me later. I don't trust him enough to do so, so he said he would bank in that night and then I only gave him the perfume next day. I agreed to it. But, he didn't even request for my account number. And the next day, he didn't reply my text, he was online on whatsapp but he didn't reply my text. Neither did he bank in any money to me. I was so pissed off that I gave him a warning, he then exacerbate my already boiling anger by scolding me BABI, KURANG AJAR and many more harsh words. What upset me more was that after I told Tyqa about it, Tyqa didn't even help me to talk to her friend even though she knew I was in a very difficult situation. Anyway, he then said he would bank in to me that day itself, but UNTIL TODAY, I received no text, nothing from him. 

So.. Basically that's what you get if you are TOO KIND! Every time I decided to do something kind, there would be something that makes me regret my act of kindness. 

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