Buffet breakfast and High Tea :)

*It took me very long to start the first sentence*

Aishah and I hadn't hung out for quite sometime, we had been talking about hanging out together but we had to postpone our plan again and again due to some circumstances. We promised each other to hang out on Friday. At the same time, I had also promised to send my sister to attend her short course in KL. So I made use of this opportunity to keep my promises to both of them! Ahhhhh. Ain't it a brilliant idea? I managed to kill 2 birds with one stone! Hahhahahahahhaha. 

I woke up to the sound of rain splattering on windows. I wish I could sleep longer, but I forced myself out of the bed at 5.30a.m. I ambled to the bathroom, and got myself ready sluggishly. I had been suffering from severe sleep deprivation. Hahahaha. I think that's why my brain doesn't work well now, I kept running out of words to complete my sentence! Hahhahahahahahhaha. 

So anyway, we left house at 7 and managed to catch 7.15 train. The perk of catching train early is we get to sit comfortably and sleep! hahahahaha. Aishah was late so she took the next train. My sis and I reached earlier so I sent her to the office first and got back to KL sentral to meet up with Aishah. 

It was only 9am, most of the shops hadn't started their operation, so we decided to take our breakfast while waiting for the malls to open. We walked along Bukit Bintang and saw this beautiful cafe. 

They were serving breakfast buffet!! So we decided to dine here! :D

They serve a vast variety of food . I am a breakfast person! I love taking breakfast. So don't judge me.. I picked up each of the food served.... Hahhahahahahahhaha!

The 2 girls sat next to us stared at us blankly while we filled our table with food! hahahahahahaha. Besides good food, this place promise an awesome dining experience as the staffs were all amiable, and the view is marvelous. 

It's somehow wonderful, to dine by the road side, literally, 
watching the hectic city where the cars drove by hastily,
while we dine in tranquility. 

After our dinner, we walked around the malls, and went to Pavilion to watch movie!

After we finished the movie, we felt like we were at Elysium, there in Pavilion, seeing all those rich people spending a fortune and couldn't be bothered. Hahahahahaaha.

And then, we walked all the way to KLCC! Heeeee.. We felt like we're tourists! Really.. Cause it's our first time walking to KLCC from Pavilion too! Hhahahahahahhaha. 

We came to KLCC just for..... Harrod's cafe! :)
Imma let pictures do all the talking! 

I know right...
It's sad that the H is going off...

And the food are all good!
Scones are tasty, red velvet aka my fav cake is heavenly!
I am not a fan of orange cake, but it is toothsome!
The tiramisu is mellow, eating with dark chocolate coated outside is just beyong delicious!
We had an awesome evening there, with loads of girls talk, 
and I also had a hard time looking demure. Hahahahhahaha! 

Snapped a photo at KLCC park,
and we called it a day! :)

I had a great day! :)

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