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Crazy day out

Life has been really awesome and I had been shouting and screaming a lot and at the same time deflating my own market value ever since these two loves existed in my life. It must be fate that brought us together, I am so certain about this. And I couldn't have thanked god anymore! I feel so blessed, really.

I think we are destined to be close friends because we all happen to live really near to each other. And we all share one same trait, insane! hahahahhahahahahhahaha.

It was just a normal outing at our usual hang out place, but trust me, it was one of the best experience I could get in that old boring mall. That's why it's important to hang out with the right person, you will have fun regardless of where you are or what you do! :D

We were like triplets so in sync as we were all wearing cardigans!
And Vivienne and I wore stripes and we didn't even notice!
We even wore the same type of shoes! Hahahhahahahhaha!

Of course singing was fun! The best part was singing old songs together! Hahahhahahahahahhaa! We all shouted and screamed our lungs out and we would look at each other for those hidden meaning of some lyrics! Hahahahahahhahaha! 

After done with singing, we did some shopping and went for Hi Tea! :D

Thank you both so so much for being there for me all the time! Thanks for listening to all my ranting and raving about everything! Thanks for motivating me! Thanks for being there with me EVERY SINGLE DAY! Thanks because I feel so happy after knowing you both! Thanks because you both shower me with so muchhhh love daily! Thanks for complimenting me all the time and all those insults that came along! HHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA! Thanks for accepting my weirdness. Thanks for sharing many things with me! Thanks for sharing all the stories! Thankssssssss for every single thing! I wouldn't ask for more! You both are the ones.... I will keep forever and ever. Thankssssss... Even though we are all single, but we would never be lonely, because we will always have each other! LOVE YOU BOTH TO THE MOON AND BACK!!!! <3 <3 <3

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