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Dinner and movie date with my girls

I almost never been to cinema to catch a Chinese movie. No offence but I think Chinese movie and generally uninteresting and boring. Someday last week, Winnie tagged me on FB telling me she was dying to watch Unbeatable, starring Eddie Peng. I have heard so many reviews about this movie, almost 95% claims that Eddie Peng is superrrrrrrr sizzling hot in that movie. WHICH GIRL ON EARTH WOULD RESIST HOT GUYS YOU TELL ME NOW!!!! And........ Eddie Peng is super ripped up in that video! OMG DROOLING! Hahahahhahahahaha. Ok I know if I go on and expound about my obsession on Eddie Peng I am gonna sound totally like a pervert. Hahahahhahahaha.

We couldn't get any day which three of us are free, so I came up with the idea of watching it on Wednesday, since Vivienne has no class on Wednesday whereas Winnie and I finish class rather early on Wednesday.

We purposely got to the mall before 5 just to enjoy the lunch promotion at Manhattan Fish Market. OMG I feel so cheapskate now but who cares! The deal is amazing! But after we got there we found out that the dinner promotion is wayyyyyy moreeeee worthy! Hahhahahahahahha!

The time was almost 5 so I ordered almost immediately after scanning through the menu and I hurried them to place their order! Hahahhahahahahah. I think they were vexed by my act. Hahhahahahahhaa. 

Since there were 3 of us, it's somehow challenging to snap photo including the three of us. 

 Take 1. #fail
 Take 2. #Fail
Take 3. OK. 

Winnie then gave up and requested the staff to take a photo of us! The waiter agreed in cordiality. 
Still.... Nayyyyyy...

Seriously... You could hardly find any silent moment when three of us are together! Hahahhahahahah. We talk about all the little things in our life, and we laughed a lot. And not forgetting, we snap a lot too. Hahahhahahahahaha. 

I must say... I have an intense distaste for this dessert.
It feels so raw and i felt like I was eating grass. 

We spent about two hours here, just to talk and wallow in our own fantasies! Hahhahahahahah. We talked about our boyfriend Eddie Peng and all the lamest things on earth. But time like these are so precious.Two hours never seem to be enough! Hahahhahahahaha. 

After our casual dinner, we went for......... MOVIE of course!!!

This movie has very awesome moral values that we should implement in our daily life.
The importance of perseverance and persistent and also determinations are so profound in this movie.
Here's my favourite one, probably everyone loves this quote from the movie the most...
"If you are afraid, you are gonna lose forever."

And this movie has also gotten me interested in learning Muay Thai. Or Muai Thai? Or Moi Thai? 
Ok.. You get the idea. I wanna learn boxing.. Whatever it is.

If you think I am crazy... You should see me with them! Hahhahahahaha. I am so happy they let me be who I am in front of them. I have nothing to hide. They accept me for who I am, and even though I always do stupid things that embarrassed them, they could still bear with me and accept my peculiarity. It's important to have friends who can laugh with you, and laugh at you. HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAH! Not sneering I mean. Laugh at your lame jokes, and able to tell you the truth about you. And you know whenever they tell you your weakness, it's for your own good. They fraught my life with love, happiness and laughter. And they always brought me aloft on my emotional stairs. Hahhahahahahhaha. I couldn't even recall when was the last time I hollered. Although it was just a casual date with my girls on that same old place, it was nevertheless an evening filled with jovial and gaiety.  

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