Family Day

I had been reading loads of reviews online saying how horrifying and terrifying the movie The Conjuring is! I kept persuading mummy to watch it with me for the past week but no one from my family seemed interested. I even decided to watch it all alone if no one would watch with me. Hahahahaha! But thankfully, after a few round of bugging, mummy who is also horror movie lover, agreed to watch it with me. We booked tickest a day before to secure ourselves strategic seats! Hahahahahhaa. Dad and sis prefer comedy so they went for Smurfs 2! hahahahhahahaha.

The movie is just wayyyyyyy toooooo scaryyyy!!! I screamed and shouted a lot and also I grabbed mum's hand so hard cause I was too scared! Hahahahahahhahaha. My sis was stoned and she could barely move b'cause she was frightened and scared! hahahahahaha. In the end it was soooooo scary I felt like crying! Hahahahahahhaha.

The rest of the blog post would be stuffed with loads of food photos. So, a sincere advice from me is not to go beyond this point if you are hungry right now! :P

After the movie, we went for lunchhh!! :D

 Life is like a sea of fish, you will never know what you're gonna catch! ;)

After lunch, of course we did the usual shopping and whatnot. I told my parents earlier that I wanted to treat them a nice dinner within this week. Since we're hanging out in the mall, and would most probably hang out till dinner time, I told my parents that the dinner would be on me. We walked around ground floor, and thence first floor and thence second floor and finally I opted for Tony Roma's! 

Look at these happy faces!
They get so happy whenever I am paying the bills.

Actually mum preferred to eat at Chinese. She kept mumbling lest I would change my mind. But since my sisters wanted to dine here too, mum had to compromise. :P Hahahhahahaha. She didn't know what to eat and daddy picked for her. They were all exhausted by then and were all sit sleeping. Hahahahhahahahhaa. But the moment the food arrived, everyone was as active as a dragon. Hahahhahahahha. No, that is not an idiom. Hahahhahahahha. :P

Actually my family don't normally eat heavy dinner, we prefer eating heavily for lunch and go for light options for dinner or in my case, I won't eat at all for dinner. Hahahahhahahaha. But this day i totally screwed le diet plan!

Overall, I was happy to see my parents enjoy the meal! hahahhahahahaha. I am finally doing the filial piety swagger! Hahahahahahahhahahahaa. And right after I paid the bills, my sis asked me when is my next treat? Hahahhahahahhaha.

It was a long day in the mall, nevertheless, it was a happy day! :)

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