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Family gathering 26/7/2013

This was on last week Saturday but I was too busy to update! :P

This wasn't just another ordinary family gathering, it was actually the celebration of my grandma's birthday. But according to Chinese superstition, we are not supposed to mention it because we are afraid that the devils may overheard it. The devils may get jealous and leading to unwanted consequences. I am pretty bad in elaborating on Chinese tradition, but that's basically the brief story. :P

Since it was a big day for the Tan's family, everyone came back and gathered. Since we were not allowed to give any wishes, it was like an ordinary gathering, except that the food was freaking good! Hahahahahahaha! Grandma was very happy to see everyone gathered too. :D

My sisters and I were those anti-social type, so we didn't walk around to talk the all the relatives, nor take pictures with them. >_<

This is my lovely cousin! Hahahahahhaha!
he loves to play with my hair!
He stayed here for 2 days and he was playing my hair all the time! 
He couldn't even pay attention to the movie-Pacific Rim and was playing with my hair.
And the whole day I looked like a freak with messy hair!

 This is what I meant by freaking good food!
I love abalone a lot!! :D :D :D
And there were also a lot more other super delicious chinese delicacies which I didn't have the opportunity to snap pictures of them!

Before ending this post.... Here is a song which I am listening to while I am blogging!!! :D

My problem....
I never was a model,
I never was a scholar,
But you were always popular!

Popular, I know about popular...
It's not about who you are or you fancy car.
You're only ever who you were...
Popular, I know about popular
All you have to do is to be true to you! 
Catch up, cause you have an awful long way to go! ;)

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