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Love my darlings! :)

I am never a person who has multitude friends, no, not even numerous, but nowadays my friends kept filling me with love I am seriouslyyyyy drowninggggg in their love.

I am practicaly soooo happy nowadays and I could just grin from ear to ear every single day! My besties are awesome!!! They are there for me all the time, even if they can't be there for me in person, they are always there, in my phone. We can practically talk whole day, and text all day, and when we meet, we could still talk non-stop! Hahahahahahhaha.

I am not a very talkative person if I am not close to the person. And I always shy away from making new friends. I had been receiving toooooo many complains about me scowling all the time. I am not like that actually. I just feel really awkward if there are a lot of people. I am socially awkward like that.

My besties always do little things that made me feel very touched. As I am typing it out, I am feeling super super touched that my tears are rolling in my eyes.

The other day, Vivienne's mum bought dessert and treated us, I felt so touched. Her mum even purposely called to ask me what did I want to eat when I sleptover! Today, I was cordially invited to Winnie's house for awesome dinner, which I never thought would happen in my life. Having besties like this are seriously soooooo heartwarming! I can't even put everything into words. I feel like I have so many things to say, but these feelings really defies any description. All I could say is, every time I see them, they made me furor! Hahahahhahahaha!

I am sooooo grateful! Now my life is fraught with love and happiness. I wish this will last forever and ever! I loveeeeee them likeeee crazy!!!

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