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Photo diary of Impromptu Genting trip

Horraaaayyyyyyy!! I am so happy that I have finally finished my mid semester exam! It was a tough war though, I struggled a lot and studied real hard. Hahahahhaha. So right after my exam, I thought I needed an escape from this hectic town for a little while. I told Winnie about my idea of going on a trip to Genting and not doing anything, just to chill and relax, to my surprise, she was sooooooooo sporting and she said yes right away and she took her day off immediately. I had never really went on any road trip without any planning. Initially I was worried if we couldn't get any ticket since we weren't able to book as we only made up our mind around 10pm. So I had plan B in my head.

We decided to leave our place at 7 in the morning and I have no idea what happened to me I overslept until Winnie called me at 7pm telling me she was gonna leave her place already. I was sooooo freaked out I practically jumped out of my bed and prepared myself. Lucikly I was managed to reach train station by 8 and managed to catch train. :D

We reached KL sentral quite quickly.... Hahahhahahha. Too much chit chatting throughout the journey we weren't aware of the surrounding and in the blink of an eye, we were there already. We went to check the tickets immediately and so lucky of us, we got the last pair of tickets that was gonna depart at 9.30a.m. 

Since it was only 9am, we went for breakfast at KFC! 


We rushed through the breakfast and went back to the bus sharp at 9.30a.m and the whole bus was waiting for us. Hahhahahahahhahhah. 

It was our first trip together!!! :D

It reached the skyway station really fast too. Hahahahahhahahaha. I just kept saying time passed fast today. Time flies when you're having fun. 

So anyway.. I really love it when the fog is very very very thick!!!! I kept shouting to Winnie about how excited I was when I saw these thick fog!!! Hahahahhahahahahhaha!

Vivienne... If u are reading this..
I am sorry I cant feed u banana!

We had no idea what to do or where to go so I suggested to have ice creammm!!! :D

And a must do everytime I am here is to make a wish... hahhahahahahahahhahaha!


After making wish.. We went for Lunchhhh!!! 

After lunch we continued to wander around... hahhahahahahhahaha.

And then we went for video games and we had sooooooo much fun in the end we were both reluctant to go home. Hahahahahahahhahahah. 

OMGGGGG! This is awesome!
It's like a piano!
And we both did so well! Hahhahahahahha!

Since we were too full and werent able to finish this during lunch, 
we were eating it while waiting for our bus.

So both of us had so much fun today! 
Although it was just the both of us, it was such an exciting trip!
Cause it's the first time I went out and explore myself. Hahahahahhahaha!
I know right.. Such a pampered child.
I kept saying it was an adventure because we had no idea what to do and where to go,
we just went with the flow.
And it was such a last minute plan and we were so blessed with luck to be able to get tickets!
Needless to say, Winnie is an awesome companion!
We had endless subjects to talk about and there were hardly any silent moment.
Even if we did have, it wasn't awkward at all.
It's just so comfortable being in each other's companion.
And the best thing is, we shared same interest and taste.
Which made the whole outing cooler!
Being on a trip makes u know someone better, 
and I am glad and happy, 
I found an awesome sister! 

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