Things that cheer me up

So here I am again to summarize the 5 things that made my week!

Because every single bite I take, 
I feel love.
Every single sip I take, 
I feel care.
It explains how beautiful is the friendship I share with Winnie.
Thanks for the lovely meal.
Albeit it was a simple meal
It was sooooo heartwarming. 
I finished the whole meal.
And it kept me feeling full for the rest of the day!
I guess, love does wonder! ;)

Because this book is so well known, 
lest all book lovers should read this.
I have only read till the 5th chapter so far,
and I can't wait to finish it.
Every single page gets more interesting! :D

This candy is my childhood favourite.
And it's a lovely gift from Winnie's sister. 
Milk candy is my all time favourite,
but nothing beats this candy, which has sooooo many memories inside.
When it melts in my mouth, 
it brought me down memory lane. 

Because the idea of baking started out as a playful suggestion.
Three amateurs made it happen.
It was not solely a baking session, 
it was definitely a bonding session too.
We worked hard,
we overcame failure,
and we witnessed our success.
It reflects the meaning of friendship, 
we're there for each other, 
we encourage and we strive together.
And most importantly, we share the glory together. :) 
I love them both, a lot. <3

Sorry no pictures taken. 
Thanks to Vivienne for making this happened.
None of us planned this. 
It was spontaneous! And it was a fun night!
I was self invited to her house! HAHAHAHHAHA!
Thankfully she welcomed me warmly. 
And the night was fantastic.
We left each other in stitches all the time.
And we talked till we're asleep.
Looking forward for more sleepovers, with Winnie tagged along! :D

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