Things that cheered me up

There are so many things in my life that made me happy, which pretty much explains for the frequent update of my blog! Nonetheless, here are a few things, that made me extraordinarily happy lest I think they deserve a blog post like this! Hahahahaha. These are the simplest things and smallest things, but they gave me sooo much happiness! :D

These jelly...
Ohhhhh.. Ok.. I forgot the name of these jelly again.. 
These jelly are made by Vivienne.
It was just a silly request from Winnie and I,
but she did it anyway, despite of her busy schedule.
Love, makes all things possible! 
These jelly are the best jelly I have ever tasted, yet...
Every single bite I took, filled my heart and soul with love and happiness. 
Thanks again my LOVE! 
Even it was just a simple dessert,
it made me feel so touched, overjoyed and loved.
Just like how you were always there for me, 
made me feel so touched, overjoyed and loved. 

Because it was a spontaneous plan.
And it was also the first time Vivienne and I hung out after class.
We had so much to talk about.
And we had an awesome session.
Though it wasn't a luxury place, nor luxury food,
it was nonetheless, the best afternoon I had last week.
I guess, after all, it's all about the companion. 
When you're with the right person, 
you would still have whole loads of fun regardless of where you are. 
*Didn't I repeat the above sentence a tad bit too often? 
I can't help it, now that I have the best companions in life!*

Because it's from the sweetest girl, Winnie. 
She was almost late to class, 
but still, she delivered this to my classroom, for me.
I could still recall how I reacted,
I practically screamed in surprise! 
She knew me well, and she sure know how to make me happy. 
She is ever so thoughtful and sweet.
Needless to say, 
life has been super sweet and happy since she came in. 

They said, to make a person happy,
you first have to make their tummy happy. 
It was supposed to be a surprise lunch from Winnie,
but she was so scared I would take my lunch before she arrive at campus,
she told me the night before that she would prepare lunch for me.
I've never been treated with so much love.
I even feel so touched now, as I am writing this down. 
Of course, this meal tastes superb! 
I ate happily, and gratefully. 
Thanks lovely sister! 

I truly believe that, 
giving promises more happiness in return. 
I had been receiving so much love from my darlings,
so I made sure to show them how much I love them too!
They said diamonds are forever,
I can't afford diamonds, 
but in my context, crystals are forever too! :P
So here we are, with these pink crystals on our hands, 
I wish our friendship last forever. 
Let's walk hand in hand, 
throughout the rest of our lives. 
My darlings, you will always have my shoulder to lean on, 
and my happiness is always to be shared with you. 
Now.. Guess which is my hand? :P 

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