Vintage lunch

Thursday, 7th of August. It was also the first day of Raya! I know I am kinda late, but Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf Zahir dan Batin! :D

I slept pretty late the night before and thus I was planning to sleep a little longer than usual. But several texts from my friend literally woke me up. I started off the day really bad! I spent about an hour to solve some misunderstandings which is really humdrum. From the incident, again it proved to me that, people who believe in you would believe in you, though not much explanation is given; on the contrary, people who don't believe you, would still doubt you even if proof is shown.

Sorry about the digression... Hahahahahaha.

Since it was a public holiday, we reckoned KL city wouldn't be as congested as how it usually would be. So we requested Dad to show us the way to get to Sheraton Hotel. We are going to attend a press conference at Sheraton Hotel in two weeks time. Although Waze had been really useful and handy, it's still best to have a human GPS! Hahahahaha. :D

After we found the hotel, it was already 2.30pm and we were all famished. We wanted to dine at the famous chinese cuisine, Yut Ki ( I have no idea how to spell it anyway), but it was full house, so daddy decided to dine at Coliseum cafe, again. Hahahahaha.

Hahahahhahahahahha! I look funny!
Since it was full too, we were asked to wait at the waiting hall while they cleaned up and prepared the table for us. 
After about 15 minutes, we were brought to our seats.
Miraculously, or merely coincidentally,
they gave us the same seats we got on our first visit.

This is their new dish!

The staffs there were all aged... Aged as in.. Close to retirement, and hence the rather slow service. One of the staff claimed that he's been working here for the past 32 years! *amazebeans* 
Basically the staffs were confused, and slow. I even saw the waiter's hand shuddering when he was serving food, they walked slowly and were rather arrogant. But I guess their arrogance arose because my mum spoke sarcastically to them, due to the wait that is a little too long. 

So here are the food we ordered that day!

So thanks to my sis, for always taking the ugly side of me. 

We finished our lunch around 4.30 and left to Paradigm mall, my family's favourite mall. Hahahahahaha. 

And we called it a day after we're done with shopping and got home in exhaustion. :D

As usual, before I end this.. Here's a new song that I like... We Own The Night by The Wanted :D

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