Health Science Day

All the students who take Clinical Diagnostic Lab 1 are ought to join this Health Science day, as it is part of our assignment. We were told about this day since the beginning of the sem, and finally the day has arrived! :D

Picture paints a thousand words, for the lack of better words, or laziness *laughs*, Imma let the pictures do all the talking. :D

Photo credits to CC! :D

 These are my lovely teammates! :D
And also CC too! 
And he's the one holding camera! :D

My teammates and I agreed to reach campus at 7a.m to set up our booth. But due to the heavy rain the previous day, our table and chairs were all wet. And two of our members got stuck in the jam. So we started out pretty late. But thank god we managed to finish everything on time! :D

When we were setting up half way, we were all called to rehearse for the opening ceremony. 

After the launching of the event or opening ceremony, all the VIPs visited the booths! :D

Following are photos when we were entertaining visitors to our booth! :)

 I realized everytime I smile, my eyes disappeared. LOL!

Thanks to my awesome besties who came and supported me! :D

It was a freaking long day and we were all exhausted by the end of the day! Hahahhahahahahaha. 

This was in the afternoon when the sun was blazing but the wind was strong.

After all the evaluating was over, we headed to do our performance!
I haven't danced in like 2 years time and I didn't have enough time to practice!
But overall, though there were a few mistakes that I did, it was nevertheless a good one, to myself.
Because we all did our best! :D

US! Unwrapping our participation souvenir! Hahahahhahahahahah. Eventhough we lost it, but we gained friendship and also experience! I love the way we all worked together as a team! Well done guys! Congratulations! :D

Finally here is our group photos! :D

It was a tiring but awesome day!

Thanks again to my teammates! Love and Peace. :)

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