Things that cheer me up

These days I have been real busy, I haven't taken nap for sometimes, and I miss taking nap. Hahahahahhahaa. What a digression.

So yeahhhh.. Despite of my busy schedules, I managed to make time for my love ones, and no matter how busy I am, having these lovely people around me makes me happy and relaxed most of the time. So, let's get started on the things that made me happy throughout the week! :D

Me girls and I..
We always come up with impromptu plan.
this was another impromptu home cooked dinner,
this time round at VV's place! 
I just simply blurted out that we should have dinner at her place,
and she agreed without hesitating!
Her mother is a good cook!
And she cooked all my fav dishes!
Her family members welcomed us us warmly.
It was a delicious and warm dinner,
and needless to mention,
it ended with laughter.

A gift from Winnie's grandma!!
It's so sweet that her grandma remembers VV and I,
and purposely asked Winnie to bring this to us!
I gave one to my mum,
and she loves it too!
Awwwwww... Now I feel like I have another grandma! :D

What do u call this???
I have no idea!
But it's in strawberry and I love it!
It's given by VV to me, 
she was afraid that I would be famished from not eating lunch,
and she gave this to me.
She is always thoughtful and sweet.
Albeit it was just a simple food,
it means so much to me.
And eating it made me felt so happy and loved. :)
Having a bestie who cares about me all the time, 
is indeed blissful. :)

Lovely Lunch from Winnie!
It's soooooooo lucky of me to be pampered with home cooked lunch almost every week!
It wassssss tasty!!!
And it's so thoughtful of her mum to even prepare soya bean for me,
as dessert after meal.
Awwwww... I feel so touched that I don't even know what to say.
Winnie is ever so sweet and full of surprise.
And she treats me as her sister. 

This was never in our plan!
Three of us went to Sunway Pyramid, 
to complete Winnie's assignment.
Though we went there for work,
we didn't forget to indulge ourselves!
This is a treat from Winnie!!!
Next treat is on me, Moo Cow! :D
It's the first time three of us hanging out till night, 
talking and laughing all the way,
feeding me with tasty gelato.
If this is love, then love is easy. 
I couldn't be more blessed than I am now.
I am so in love with my girls. 
And I wish that our friendship will last forever. :)

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