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When was the last time I blogged again? I think it was uhmmmm.. A week ago? Hahahahaha. I am not so motivated to blog, I wish I have documented more of my life, all the ups and downs, so I could keep track of what happened in my life...

So today I am just gonna talk about random things that strike me...

Frankly speaking, I had been feeling really down these days... I forced myself to act like normal to people around me, but deep down, I felt really sad and couldn't get over it. I realized, human, we will not always be on top. One moment you are up on top, the next you will be down. Life is full of the unexpected. I am amazingly good when it comes to encouraging people, in fact many were impressed with how amazingly strong I am, alas, when I face failure, I feel like it's the end of the world...

But, today, I am gonna quote a meaningful sentence from the book "Tuesdays with Morrie". It says: What's wrong about being number 2? I think being a little lower than your original place sometimes would make you appreciate your victory a little more the next time you own it.

Since I was young, my dad always taught me to aim for the moon, in that case, even if I fail I will still fall among the stars. Ever since, I always aim for PERFECTION. I worked very hard to make sure everything work the way I wanted it to be. I don't mind if the process is tough and tiring, all that matters to me is the result. Hahahahahaha. This is so contradicting to what I always told my friends: It's not the destination but the journey that matters. But as I grow, I came to realize, to me, both the journey and the destination are equally important! HAHAHHAHAHAHAH!

Actually, I wouldn't have been this sad, if it wasn't people around me who ever seemed so busy body to find out about it. I never liked sharing it to people around me, because if I did better, people automatically think I am bragging, and if I did worse, people would be thinking they finally beat me. =.= That's human nature.

The fact is that the thought of competing with anyone never crossed my mind. My one and only enemy is always me and me and me. No one else but me myself.

Sorry if I inserted bad vibes in my blog It should have been all about the glorious side, talking about all the positive vibes and encouraging words. But I am only human.

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