I am feeling 22 birthday celebration @ La Risata

Heyyyyyy there!!! I am sure all of you have probably already known that I had a blast! I dare say it's the best birthday I have ever had yet. It's wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than my 21st Birthday! So I guess celebrating with the right person is definitely the most important criteria of making a birthday celebration memorable! Even though I only received one birthday present this year compared to last year which I received a lot, but I am somehow, truly happy this year!

My birthday falls on Monday this year, thus I celebrated my birthday in advance with my family.

For getting me this new dress for my birthday celebration! :D

I have been wanting to dine at this Italian cuisine restaurant since long time ago! We even decided to dine there for Father's day celebration but ended up eating at Victoria Station instead because we failed to find the restaurant! This time we were really determined, so I called for reservation a few days ahead!

These are random candid shots taken by my sis when we were doing some shopping! LOL!

Then with the help of Waze and all sorts of GPS or satellite or whatsoever apps we have on different phone, we tried to locate this restaurant.... And we failed again and again and again and again. LOL! Almost gave up, and we simply took a turn and we found it! HAHAHAHAHHAHHHAHA!

So, it's time for the reveal...... The restaurant was....

Can you spot the red curtain??? That's where our seats were! Hahahahahhaha! I like that place though it's far behind, but we have our own privacy! :D

Warning.... The content below are full of food and it may make your gastric acid secretion increase! Hahahahahahhahahah! 

 Complimentary bread with Olive in olive oil. 
YUMSSS!!! I always love complementary bread. LOL.

This mocktail is the hit of November! But I forgot the name. >_<

Passion fruit Soda!!! :D

 This pumpkin soup is sooo rich and creamy in texture.
I am a sucker for western soup.
I literally tasted heaven on my tongue as the creamy texture glide through my tongue.
The pumpkin and the cream compliment each other very well.
Pumpkin is sweet in nature.
The salty taste of the cream toned it down to perfection. 

 Mushroom soup!
Although it looks like just another normal mushroom soup, 
it's however, hands down,
the best I have ever had yet.
It's really thick! :D

 Seafood something I can't remember its name!
But this is really tasty as the paste is made from tomatoes, 
you would feel as if you were eating a tomato!
It's that good and I am not even lying. 
And of course the seafood were fresh and huge! :D

 This was the first pizza! 
We ordered two pizza in total but I totally forgot to snap the second one.
The crust is just heaven. 
I like the way they baked it to perfection.
It's crispy on the outside yet soft and chewy in the inside.
And of course the toppings were incredibly good! 

 I am a huge fan of lamb!!!! 
Whenever I see lamb, I will definitely go for it!
Lamb can be quite difficult to eat sometimes, 
but this was just fine!
Maybe it's because I was eating this fatty part, which makes chewing less tiring! 
But overall, this is pretty tasty! And the portion was really huge! 

It comes with mashed potatoes beneath it.

 Pan Grilled Salmon! 
If you are a huge fan of Salmon, 
no doubt you're gonna love this!
They didn't overdo it and managed to keep the moisture of the salmon.
It's also healthy as it comes with vegetables! :D

 These dumplings were among the special dishes for the month of November! 

 This fish is called some redbull eye? Hahahhahahaha! Can't remember!
It's really tasty but for someone like me who can't really pick out the bones of the fish, 
it's not a wise choice to eat this!

Creamy, milky, and the fettuccine were nicely cooked!
It's really thick and the taste is just really perfect!

And many were really curious about my first birthday cake..... Heeeee...

It is..... *drum roll* Sicilian Bomb!

 This is how it was served originally!
It's meringue on the outside!
And then the waiter lighted up a cup of alcohol 
and poured it over the cake!
 "Happy Birthday to you, 
Happy Birthday to you, 
Happy Birthday to Jessica... 
Happy Birthday to you!"

The light would go off after sometime, and it's time for tasting!!!
I am really very impressed with the taste of it!
It's meringue, covering a layer of sponge cake which beneath it was cheese cake!
It's lemon flavoured cake!
The zesty neutralised the bitterness the alcohol brought
and the combination was match made in heaven. LOL!

It was a very very very filling dinner! And we all went home with a kg or two extra! Hahahahahhahahah!
My youngest sis!

My younger sis!

Le Birthday Queen! :P

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