Justice is dead

I am really motivated to write about this!!! There's a fire inside my heart!!!! But after lazying around before starting putting them into words, the feeling subsided.... *Laughs* But since I was so determined just now, I am still gonna do it.

I know I am not influential enough. Writing this down may not change anything. But still... I would like to voice out how I feel.

Me and my friends, we are all final year students, currently in our final semester, which mean all of us are engaged with a thesis. Since our course has this (Hons) in it, we have to complete a research before we graduate. A course like ours, I think having an awesome research which we could be proud of, is going to bring us far. It is especially essential for those who have intention of pursuing their Masters or even PhD. The market is getting more and more competitive, which explains, why do we all try so hard, give our best, to do a great research, before we graduate.

But... When all the students of my batch, trying our very hard to do our best, our management decided to fail us. No. I don't mean they are giving us an F grade for this paper, but they do it in an easier way, the management simply FROZEN our seed grant. Fyi, seed grant is an amount of money given to all the lecturers, and we would all work on a topic, under the guidance of a supervisor or a lecturer. These lecturer would support our research financially by giving us seed grant.

It has been confirmed that students of my batch, none of us would get seed grant. Which means, we have to sponsor our research ourselves. And this is exactly what ignites the fire inside of me.

First and foremost, this research project 2 (RP2) paper takes up 6 credit hours, which is of all, the heaviest subject for our degree programme. In my university, we have to freaking pay RM650 for every credit hour. Well, if you don't have a calculator, I would do the calculations for you, we are paying a total of RM3900 for it. I haven't include our RP1 which takes up another 2 credit hours, so here, we have another RM1300. So in total, we PAID RM5200 to do a research! But for the amount we paid to the university, we still have to take out extra money to sponsor ourselves for our research. Let's not talk about the others and just take myself as an instance, my research cost about RM4000 in total. In total I have to spend around RM10k just to complete my research!!!!!

And what's worse is that the University didn't give us any reason to which why the seed grant for my batch was frozen. We will never know, for what we are paying RM5200. It's not like we have lecture or anything. Basically NOTHING! We even have to pay RM400 to rent a place in lab to conduct our research, where the lab is our university's facility, which all of the students have equal right to access to it.

Some students are really fortunate. Those who are rich, which they don't bother about the money, can just do it. But what about those who came from an average family?

Where is justice? Why only us? Why only our batch? And why there aren't anyone who fight for their own rights?

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