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My first Nov Weekend!

Hello November~

November has always been my favourite month. :P No doubt, it's because my birthday falls in this month! I always think November is a festive season, probably because it's near to Christmas? Hahahahaha. I always long for this month to arrive, and when it does, I felt sad because it's coming too soon which means it will end soon. *laughs* I always claim myself as the ruler in this month, which gives me a feeling that I can have it all, but really, I ask for nothing, merely happiness.

Alright, let's cut the crap and get to the main content of this post.

The whole week was pretty intense for me, i was feeling stressful for my job. And for the very first time, I requested to withdraw myself from a full week of work bound. I always think people who gives up halfway is a loser. Ironically, I felt relieved, and thankful for the decision I made, albeit there was still a feeling of guilt deep down in my heart. And my family members kept making fun of me regarding this matter. Whatever it is, I am glad I made that decision, and spent some quality me time, and family time. :)

I suggested my family to have our lunch at.........


For those who havent heard about Uncle Jang, I will show you what's it! :D

First of all, pay for the amount of food u want! U can pick from two choices: Normal or spicy
You could also add on some materials that u want! I am a huge fan or rice cakes, so yayyyyyyyy, add on add on rice cakes! :D

 This is how the food was served. :D

 And there you go, start cooking!

 We were really bad at it, the staff cooked for us! 

 This is how it looks like when it's cooked!

But ours looked like this!
We added cheese!!!! 
It tastes superb with cheese!!

Then headed for some shopping!!! :D

And as usual, no afternoon with family is complete without having teatime or desserts! :D

At some point of life, you may find your parents are annoying. But as you grow older, you will realize, your family is the most important asset you possess. I used to opt my friends over my family sometimes, but now, I will never repeat the same mistakes anymore. I think spending time with family is where I found true happiness. 

I feel really happy these days. it's awesome how my parents always gave me the best, and gave us the best life! :D

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