Things that cheer me up!

I rarely talk about the things that make me happy anymore. It's not because I am no longer happy. lol. It's because there are too many things in my life that makes me happy, and it would take me forever to list them out. However, I just had to mention these few things, which make me feel extraordinarily happy. :D

Let's get straight to the point.... Because I am too busy these days I couldn't even find time to read a book.

This blue crystals bracelet which are given to me by my research supervisor. :D
I could still recall the first time we met, 
she was so excited to see me wearing the exact pink crystals as hers!
We both reeled in joy a little. *laugh*
And since that day we found ourselves to so many common interest!
One day she brought this out to meet me when we were discussing on the method of my research,
I was so shy to receive such an expensive gift from her,
but she told me a sentence, which echoes in my head every time I think of her.
She said: She think she and I are fated to meet,
 and it's hard to meet someone who share so many things in common!
To me, she is more than just a supervisor.
She came and worked with me every night and we would talk about all the things in life.
She is like a friend to me, sometimes like a sister.
I am so grateful to have her as my supervisor. :)

This Yam layered cake which is packed nicely in a box with a knife on the box.
Mummy and sis came home with this box and shouted:
Come and blow candles for your birthday already.
I was confused and I walked to the kitchen,
when I was all ready,
 both of them were laughing hard.
They really like to trick me.

Because I can't resist anything that has heart shape in it!
This is a cupcake prepared for us by our mentor!
I am ashamed to say that, 
this was my first time joining an mentoring activity after so long.
I guess I should stop being anti-social,
and stop feeling awkward in a crowd. 

A simple yet uber sweet 3 course luncheon prepared by my dear Winnie!
She will never forget to bring this dessert to me whenever she has it at home!
She is just so sweeeeeeettttt that I became diabetic! *laugh*
She knew I was feeling down for the past week, so she gave me this awesome chocolate stick biscuit!
But she also knew I was sick,
so she asked me to keep it till I am recover. 
I feel so blessed!
She always keep me accompanied in the campus.
She would always make time for me no matter how busy she is.
Words cant describe how thankful I am to have you, 
but I want you to know I love you dearly! :)

Cheese baked rice!
Because this was my dinner for today!
I am a huge fan of cheese!
My honey Vivienne is just so talented.
It's even mouthwatering from the picture,
and when you taste it,
I swear you would just faint in happiness. *laugh*
Everyone in my house wanted to eat it and I had to share it with them!
Thanks for being so sweeeeettttttttttt!!
Although I tell you everyday I love you much, 
I still have to tell you I LOVE YOU SO FREAKING MUCH! 

Today, all of a sudden, I feel soooooo touched having these awesome babes in my life.
Ahhhhhhh! Even just typing it out would put me in tears.
There was a time, where I always feel very lonely,
but now.... 
I am not lonely at all.
And they always pamper me, in so many ways.
I must have done something really good in my past life to deserve them now!

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