Birthday Celebration part 3 with BFFs

My third celebration was on my actual birthday! :D Which was on the 25th November! I was really nervous and excited about this day because I serious had no clue where they were gonna take me to. I had a few guesses in my mind though, I knew it must be somewhere not too far from our place, since all of us were having class the next day! LOL!

In the morning as usual I had to send my sister to UM! My dad purposely woke up and wished me Happy Birthday before we left home. *smiles*

I was supposed to deliver my birthday cakes to my BFFs on my way back from UM, but since I was a little sleep deprived for replying birthday wishes the night before, so I decided to just head home and sleep. But when I was on my way home, an idea popped up in my mind. I wanted to go for Karaoke! *smirks* I immediately texted Vivienne and asked if she was at home! Hahahhahaha. I kinda forced her to go with me! *evil grin* She then replied:" How could I reject an invite from the birthday queen?" Hahahahhahaha. So we went straight to the mall and sang our lungs out! And of course, birthday queen enjoyed one free pax privilege! *laughs*

Then I headed home and printed some journals. Hahahhahahahahaha. So random I know. But yeahhhhh.. Even birthday queen didn't neglect her studies! *laughs*

Then I started getting ready for the birthday dinner!

Well, honestly, I had a really tough time rummaging through my wardrobe just to find the perfect outfit for the night. Since I had no clue where we were going, well, not really, Vivienne kinda slipped her mouth and revealed that we were going to some place where we would grill our food. LOL. So I was really indecisive on what to wear. I was worried if my get up was over the top, or inappropriate whatevernot. So basically I was really worried if I overdressed. LOL. #girlsbeinggirls

So after a few trials, I decided to just go with this look. LOL.

My BFFs reached my place sharp at 6pm! Hahahhahaha. They're amazingly punctual! Hahahhahaha. So we headed to the place. Throughout the way to the restaurant, I kept asking where were we going! HAHAHHAHAHAHHA! I know right! I am that annoying person who likes to ruin the surprise! And when I guessed that we were going to dine at this Korean restaurant named Myung-Ga, they both collapsed! Hahahahahahhahahhaha! They were upset that my guess was absolutely correct! Hahhahahahaha. 

I even directed Vivienne ( who drove ) to the restaurant, because she has really bad direction sense! HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH! (sorry vivienne i love you) 

When we reached the restaurant.....


And as I stepped into our special room!
They decorated the place nicely! Hahahhaahhaha!
I screamed a little! 
I was really excited! 
NOW this is what we call a birthday celebration! Hahahhahahahahha!


And the moment we sat down.... The food were being served one by one!
I am really impressed about how capable these girls are! Hahhahahaha!
Why their arrangement so perfect one!!!!!
Everything went so smoothly! Hahhahahahhahahahahha!

And the food below is my favourite.....
*drum rolls*

 AHHHHHH!!!! I screamed YEAYYYYYYY when this was served! Hahahahhahahah!
The waitress stunned a little! Hahahahahahhaha!
Then Winnie quickly told her it's my favorite! Hahahhahahaha!
I happily introduced this dish to Vivienne! 
Cause BFFs we just have to share all the things we love! Hahhahahahahahha!

I told Winnie that I really wish to taken Instax for my birthday because I want to hang them in my room.
Winnie told me a few days before that she can't fulfill my wish. 
I was like okayyyyyyy.... *frown*
Then when we were eating happily, Winnie mentioned again, 
OMG it would be really great if we could capture all these moments with instax photos! 
I was like..... Totally....
 *frown a little and moved on really fast, well that's how miraculously good food are able to distract me*

Half way eating, Winnie came and sat beside me as she said she wanted to take a photo with me.... As usual I streaked my hair a little, lol, and was getting ready and ALL OF A SUDDEN she took out a polaroid camera and I SCREAMED AND I STARTED BEATEN HER UP! Y WAS I SO VIOLENT I DUNNO! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Sorry Winnie!!! Hahahahahhahahah. I was super surprised and excited and aduahdfhjnfiafhwnfsfskjvnejvnjcn I CAN'T EVEN........

Hahahhahahahahhaha! Her arm started turning red! Hahhahahahahh! She kept whining about how painful I have beaten her! Ahhhhhh! I know u sure reading this, sorry Winnie! Hahahhahahahha! I love you so much and you really surprised me that's why I reacted like this! Hahhahahahha! Sayang u! Hahhahahahahha!

So we started taking photos like crazy!!! Hahahhahahahahhaha!

I always told them not to buy me any cake because I will always have birthday cake at home and I will just give them those cake! They said ok! So i really didn't expect any cake from them! And after taking photos like crazy, they went to the cashier and paid the bills...

As for me, of course I was busy looking at those instax photos surfacing! LOL! And I was too busy choosing those pieces that I wanted.....

And all of a sudden..... They paraded into the room and were singing birthday song!!!! I wassssss soooooooooooo touched I started feel like crying!!! I restrained my tears from shedding! Hahahhahaa. To maintain picture perfect make up. HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA!

They prepared this for me!!!!
Thanks to Rus!!! She baked this and customized specially just for me!!!
And it's my favourite Red Velvet!
It was such a touching moment. Ahhhhhhhh....

Then as usual I made my wishes and blew the flame off the candle! :D

And when I was done, Winnie handed a rose over to me! Awwwww.... It's my first time receiving rose on my birthday!!! 

Then I asked her to come over to take photo! When she was walking towards me, she gave me my birthday gift!!! 

Oopppssss.... Blurred. We were in a haste because we were so scared that the candle would die on us. LOL.

Then they asked me if I liked the birthday gift.....

I actually thought of rewarding myself a wallet as my birthday gift!
But they just really knew me inside out don't they? Hahahhahahahah.
They were a step ahead of me and they got me this! hahhahahahahhaha!
So muchhhhhhhh lovesssssss!!!
And most importantly it's my favorite color- RED!!!! Hahahahahahah!
Thanks a lot my darlings!!!!! 

 Look at all the birthday gifts I got from them!!!
Rose, photos, wallet, cake..... 


And to fulfill my dream of becoming queen or princess for a day, Vivienne took out this Tiara for me to put on! Hahhahahahhahah! How thoughtful of her!!!

After that we kinda calmed ourselves down and we struggled to finish those food! HAHAHAHHAHAHHA! And of course we had to take photos together with this beautiful hand drawn and colored backdrop and balloons! They spent their Sunday on these!!! Sooooooo touching.... :'(

And then we surrendered and I took the food home!!! Heeeee...
We were all super bloated by then....

Before we left... We managed to take photo in front of the restaurant...

We were super bloated and u see...
Vivienne took  photos of me without focusing on me!

Alright... Now it's time for some grossy confession! Hahahahahahahahahha!

Congratulations to the both of you! It was a success!!! Seriously.... This was the best birthday celebration I have ever had in my life. I have never had any friend who is willing to plan and do so much for me! I always thought I am great in planning birthday surprise, but really, salute to the both of you! You both did an amazing job and I really feel very very very touched. I felt so touched that saying touched really doesn't even seem to express enough how I felt in my heart.Even the word touched is an understatement. You both just made me went through heaven and back to the earth! HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH! I knew you both were really stressed planning my birthday because I could always guess every move you both make. But really, this was totally something I couldn't have imagined. It's beyond my expectation and it kept me happy for so many days. I will keep this in my mind forever. <3 You both are wonderful friends that I will never want to lose! I hope that we will celebrate all our birthdays together for all the coming years! Even if we're married, and have kids, make sure we would spare a day for just the three of us! :) I love you both very very very much!!! BEST FRIENDS FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER! 

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