Precious Things

Hey there, I finally have time to just sit down in front of my computer. Then the thought of blogging came to my mind. I guess it's been a month or so I haven't been blogging? At the mean time, when I finally spared some time to blog, I couldn't seem to upload any photos. Well, what's a blog post without photos? So I shove the thought of blogging away and didn't bother trying until today. LOL. And yes... I do have a lot of backlogged blog posts. So be prepared for consecutive days of blog spamming! Hahahhahaha.

Alright. We shall not digress any further. 

This Balmain document holder from my dad.
This was given to me two years ago.
And guess what?
I never really did cherish it. LOL!
I brought it to campus daily.
I even received compliment from an ever-so-stringent lecturer- Dr. P**lav*
Now that it's seen better days,
I still love it despite the scratches.
I am still going to keep it, for many more years to come.

This looks like just another usual snacks for everyone out there.
But for me, it's a full packet of love. 
Special thank to Aishah, 
who is ever so thoughtful.
She dropped by Starbucks to get herself some coffee as refreshments,
but never did I think that I crossed her mind, 
she picked up a little snack for me,
to help me get through a rough day.
I shared it with my sister,
because joy is doubled when it's shared. :)

Luncheon by our talented Chef here- Aishah (again). 
I couldn't thank her enough for this amazing day.
We met up at 7 in the morning this day, 
just to build animal models for my research.
It was a long and exhausted day.
In spite of that, she still prepared a heartwarming meal.
I think you can tell by the picture itself, the food was heavenly.
Thanks again. For everything. <3

Many thanks to lovely Winnie. 
She would never forget to buy me a packet of popcorn whenever she passed by this stall.
It's again, my favourite flavour.
No one knows my taste as well as she does.
I was surprised when she handed this over to me one day upon leaving her house.
This snack always brought happiness to everyone in the house.
of course, it's finished within two days.
Now, that's what you call monster.

Tiramisu chocolate, my all time favourite.
Appreciation goes to Vivienne.
She gifted me these right on time, 
when I had enormous tension in my head.
They say chocolate helps releases endorphins,
well, for me, 
it's the caring coupled with the chocolate that works wonder.
Thanks for these lovely treats. :)

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