The Royal Flush

Since Chinese New Year is just a couple of days away, I've decided to blog about something oriental.

Winter Solstice is a special occasion to Chinese, it symbolizes reunion. We therefore, opted for this beautiful restaurant for our dinner.

Nestled in a lush landscaping, with sweeping views of pool and fountain all around, The Royal Flush has the requisite setting for a fine dining Chinese cuisine. We have often seen western fine dining restaurant with superb interior and exterior design, but this is the very first time I have ever came across such a captivating design of a Chinese restaurant. The moment I landed my eye on this building, I am already enthralled.

While my parents were ordering food, I decided to take a stroll around the pool. The view was breathtaking.

Now, let's take a look at the inside of the restaurant!

This is the door that works like a time traveller,
it somehow makes me feel as though I was living in the ancient Chinese Times.

Now done with the designs, we shall take a look at the food...
 Napkin, like any other fine dining, 
the waiters will place it on ur lap before we started dining.
Not to mention, they would also pulled out the chairs and assist us in our seating.

Chinese tea in a somewhat english tea cup.
Isn't a new combination,
where the luxurious english style and Chinese tradition are juxtaposed?

I think that the food are generally delicious. But the food here are a little overpriced. 

By the time we finished our meal, the sun has already went on a vacation, and no where to be seen. 
Thanks to its short escape, with the help of manmade lights,
we were able to indulge ourselves in this beautiful view.

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