3 little pigs and A big bad wolf

Hello!!! I am back again! I was too occupied with umpteen academic events in my universities (which would be elaborated singly in separate posts) and I had no time to do any other thing at all. Until now...... because.... *drum rolls* I have officially finished the final paper for my degree programme. And now I have some leeways before stepping triumphantly into another stage of my life.

So please bear as I spam all the backlogged blog posts!

Now let's stop beating around the bush and get started!

One day when my family and I was hanging around BV2, we stumbled upon this secluded restaurant. When I took a closer look at it, I was exultant to have finally found the restaurant which I have always wanted to visit. I told my dad that we should dine here on our next visit, and to my surprise, and with our full stomach, my dad said we would dine there, on the spot.

I reeled in joy and was very happy about dining there, despite of the extra calories I was gonna put on to myself. LOL.

It's a cosy place I must say,
Although there wasn't any lavish decorations.
Well actually, I prefer all these kind of decorations, 
as it wouldn't put on unwanted pressure on us.

Since I was really very full, I couldn't take in any more proper meal, so I ordered dessert and tea that aids digestion! ;)

As much as I wanted to introduce to all of you the name of the dessert, 
my old grandmother level memory just wouldn't compromise.
But their desserts taste heavenly.
Looking at the pictures above made me craving already. 
I highly recommend the one with salted caramel. 
As for the tea, needless to worry, 
everyone of us ordered a pot and each of them were impeccable fragrant.

On a separate note, I would like to register their sterling service. 
We left guffaws all around the restaurant (thank god it was past lunch hour),
but the waiters were still friendly enough to join us in.
They were just genuinely helpful.
They introduced the best food they serve,
to cater eveyone's picky taste bud. 
Amazing service.

Do pay them a visit, if you're fond of pork. lol.
I believe they serve the best pork in town! ;)
Not to mention, some of the best desserts have ever linger on my taste buds too. :)

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