Precious Things

After taking a long break from the Chinese New Year, I am back to blogging world again.

I always believe that if we count our blessings, it will dispel all the dejection in us. Eventhough these are just little things that probably mean nothing to everyone out there, but they have definitely exhilarated me.

Charity work at HTAR. 
I always hold dear to the belief of being able to give, is a blessings.
Being a benefactor is not regarded on the scale.
It was a simple charity work, 
but being able to contribute to the society, means a lot to me.

This surprise Christmas gift from Winnie.
It's a handmade photo frame!
I was exuberant when I tore the wrapper apart.
Handmade gifts have becoming more elusive with the evolution of technology.
Although it's just a simple artwork, 
it is a masterpiece to me.
I cherish the hardwork she ventured into making this for me.
Thank you so much! <3

I swooned when my research supervisor handed this to me.
I was in disbelief when she called me a day ahead to ask me the power of my lens.
She said she thought of me when she passed by an optometry shop,
and she decided she ought to get me this as my christmas gift.
We often chat about many other things other than my research project,
and from there we developed a very strong bond.
I quote a Chinese proverb which says: Once a master, forever a parent.
I couldn't thank her enough for her endless support,
she endeavoured all the difficulties with me, 
and we achieved success together. 

I am totally a sucker for snacks like this!
Thanks to Winnie (again) for always bringing me joy and also fats. LOL!
She would always share her snacks with me.
Thanks to Elain sis too, for getting this from Singapore. 
This was supposed to be given to Isabelle, 
but Winnie shared it with me. 
Thanks a lot! :D

This is such a beautiful literature, I can't help sharing.
This book is poignant, I can't help weeping as I read through the words.
It's a book of a mother with a daughter diagnosed with Down's syndrome.
This book revealed how the parents managed to endeavoured through the skeptical society;
and how the other parents thought of the child as a nemesis;
and how they were thwarted from doing what they ought to.
It's a book that teaches us how to view these special children with care.
To all book lovers, this is a MUST read! 

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