Dining at Victoria Station

It was of course, an advance Valentine's day celebration for my dad and mum! We, the lucky kids, were benefited along! Heeeeee..

This has been the nth time I dine here and probably all of you are tired of me blogging about dining there already. But still, good food deserves additional raves! That explains why every time I decided to dine there, I would still diligently take some food photos and surrounding. 

I always opted for those seats in the train, lol, 
that's why I've never appreciated the beautiful view from here. 

 Complementary bread. 
I don't know why but I love complementary bread. lol. 
Because it fills our stomach while we wait for our main dish to be served. 
No grumpy people if there's no empty stomach. :P

 All time fav!!! Onion soup with cheese!
Tried out lobster bisque this round but have totally forgotten to snap a pic of it.

 Escargot is a must!!!!! :D

The following are the main dish, should've captured all of them since there were new menu! 
But... They were starving and they didn't allow me to snap theirs. 

 What captivated me though is the cow sizzling pan. :D

 I think this is butter fish. 
Or baked fish. 
I can't recall. 
But it tastes so good!!! 

Who doesn't like salmon?? :P

So, overall, the food here is really good. 
I think the price is quite alright too. 
Go and try if you haven't already tried. 

Have a great day peopo! :D

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