Grand Shanghai Setia Walk

It was CNY day 2. Restaurants tend to serve only overpriced set dinner that we are not so fond of, so I suggested to pay a visit to this renown place. Lately I have seen many people visiting this place, and I am intrigued by the retro design and layout of this place, I just have to witness with my own eye.

I was so enthralled even before stepping my foot into this food court. It's my first visit to Setia Walk after all. I like those eco designs with lakes and water fountains.

I was so carried away by the designs that I forgot to snap more photos. LOL.

We decided to dine here!
And will you take a moment to appreciate their effort of using old newspaper concept as their menu?
Oh how I wish I have captured the photos of the waiters/waitress,
they were all dressed in ancient Chinese costume.

Yee Sang! Must have during CNY!

I didn't capture any other food except the one above.
We only ordered simple food, 
so I reckon there's no need to photograph them. LOL.

Sharkfin soup!
Ok review time!
I think the food was surprisingly tasty but rather simple.
The food were served on a moderate pace.
So overall it was quite a nice place to dine in!
When we were halfway eating, the staffs of the restaurant suddenly went out and danced to the music.
Everyone was busy recording and clapping for them,
but we were just eating. LOL!

Photos below are taken around the place....

Then we left the food court and went out for a walk. 
Since it was CNY the place was brightly lit with red lanterns!
I swooned over the beautiful designs because I am a sucker for red colour!

It's a great place which I would like to visit again! :)
But next time around, I shall try out their lake side restaurants! :D

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