Mira's wedding

This is soooooooooooooooo overdue that I can't even remember the exact date of it. LOL! I remember a year ago, my pretty classmate Mira has invited me verbally to attend her wedding reception in December. I JUST HAD TO SAY YES, because I love attending wedding, witnessing the love birds vow to live together through thick and thin for the rest of their lives!

Thanks for the ride twinnie bestie!
The wedding reception was in Kepong! 
I..... have never driven there all by myself. 
Thank god I had my twinnie bestie, 
who is so familiar with all the routes to just anywhere. LOL!
I love to self acclaim as GPS. lol. 
But now I would like to give away the title to her! :P

Opppssss... Sorry that I've digressed. 
You know, since it's not my wedding, 
there's nothing much for me to say really.
Just a few narcissistic vain photos taken that are waiting to be exposed. LOL!
CC!!! Miss you already! 
The best classmate I can ever ask for. 
And also, my best friend. :)

Among all the wedding reception I have attended, I think this is by far the best!
It has vast selection of food choices, 
the place is nicely decorated according to their theme, 
loads of props and snacks!
And it's in FRIM!
FRIM itself is a beautiful place!

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