Photo Diary of President's List Award

It was a Wednesday, when I received a phone call from the examination department informing me about this event. I remembered that they said it would be held on the 27th January.

So the next Wednesday I went to uni as usual, wearing my casual attire, wanted to attend my moral class that commence at 10a.m. Before the lecturer made her way into the classroom, I took out the invitation and had a look. I GOT A MASSIVE HEART ATTACK! The award was on 22nd of January. Guess what? Registration and rehearsal was at 10a.m. It was only a couple of minutes away from 10a.m, I rushed down to the Performing Arts Theatre. Initially they were reluctant to let me attend, because payment should be paid beforehand. I know right, this university sucks all time. They suck money all time. >_<

So I ran hastily to the account department to make my payment. Ahhhhh, they refused to let me pay too! They said the last day for payment was the day before. I appealed and I pleaded them a few times. I explained that I mistaken the date and whatever not, and after a good 15 minutes, they finally allowed me to make my payment.

I called my mum and sis so that they could get ready to attend the award giving ceremony together.

I excused myself from the rehearsal and quickly got home to get ready!

Phewwwwww..... What a day!

Invitation card for the family members that were going to attend. :)

Before the ceremony started, I brought my mother to meet my lovely research supervisor, Ms. Jenny. Had a fun and fruitful conversation. My mum has always wanted to meet her, someone so encouraging and helpful. If I were ever going to be a lecturer, I am definitely going to be someone like her. 

So, since I have decided to make this a photo diary, I know I shouldn't have said much. So I will just let the pictures do all the talking. :)

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