Winnie's birthday celebration part 1

This is seriously a very backlogged blog post, for the record, Winnie's birthday falls on Valentine's day, which is more than a month ago. lol.

I don't know if I should classify this girl under fortunate or unfortunate for this Birthday. Many male friends especially claim this as a perk as they could save up a lot on gift. LOL. *calculating* As for girls though, they generally find birthday cum Valentine's day is the most romantic thing ever. LOL.

Whatever it is, it's a single awareness day for me, so of course, I spent the night with my bestie celebrating this special day with her.

I told her not to expect much, since it was Valentine's day, I didn't want to do something that people would perceive as gay. LOL. I kept it simple though, also due to the real celebration that would be going on on the next day. LOL.

I went to the mall earlier that day to picked up movie tickets of The Journey for the both of us. She had been dying to watch this movie but she wouldn't ask me because of my preference for english movies. I therefore, decided to surprise her by accompanying her for this movie that she loved so dearly. LOL. I too got a birthday card, to keep the movie ticket in it, so that I could see her "surprised" face. LOL. Bought a piece of cake and passed it to a waiter in the restaurant and arranged the time when they should serve the cake.

Picked this birthday girl rather early to have early dinner so that we wouldn't miss the movie. :D

I am a huge fan of Japanese cuisine, pity the birthday girl had to compromise. LOL.
But hey, she loves Japanese food too. :P

 Her meal. 

My Udon. 
Just in case you're wondering, 
this is the day where my addiction for UDON kick-started. lol. 

Don't judge, I am a big eater like that. 

After we're done with the meals,
I nodded at the staff, lol, I set this signal though, corny I know,
then they served the cake and a birthday card!

LOL! My silly birthday princess was so nervous that her heart keeps beating hard. 
She almost passed out. HAHAHAHAHAHA. 

Since it was meant to be simple, a simple cake would do. :P
And that's her reading the card. 

When she found out about the ticket, I expected her to be stunned. LOL!
But she didn't. 
She was rather calm, but I think she felt touched deep down. Heh.

She blew her candles off after making her wishes, and then she cut the cake. 
It was simple, but personal and sweet. 
I really enjoy precious BFF time like this. :)

After that, we went for the movie. Everything went really smoothly. 

She really liked the movie, and she cried upon many touching scenes,
on contrary, I, emotionless creature, didn't even shed a tear. LOL. 
But still I enjoyed the movie. 

Then we head to Winnie's house for wishing lantern since it was also the last day of CNY!!!
Thank you so much Winnie for giving me this opportunity to make a wish on this wishing lantern, I've never tried it before! 

Big thanks to Winnie's bro who helped us to light up the lantern!

 BFF making wishes! Heh. 

It was really an enjoyable night with Winnie. 
I hoped that Winnie enjoyed the night too! 
Dear my precious friend, 
thanks for coming into my life and brought me so much of happiness ever since.
You are such a good partner for everything. 
Hanging out with you is the best therapy for sadness and depression.
Thanks for being always understanding.
You are truly amazing inside out. 
And you are a strong woman. 
I am proud to be your friend, 
and is truly lucky to be your best friend. 

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