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Winnie's BIrthday Celebration Part 2

If you read the previous blog over here, you should know that the part 2 is where the real celebration is! When it comes to birthday celebration, it has to be us, the TRIO! lol. What a corny name.

Vivienne and I planned beforehand and Winnie was oblivious enough to not know anything about it. And that's where the fun begin! Heheheh. *evil grin*

Since I have celebrated with Winnie the day before aka the actual date, she didn't even expect my presence on this celebration. Vivienne picked me up from my place and we kept all the gifts and stuffs in the car where she wouldn't find out, then we proceed to her workplace to pick her up after work.

Vivienne left me somewhere else before heading to Winnie's place so that she wouldn't know I would be there. HAHHAHAHAHA. Sounds childish right but it worked!!! Vivienned instructed Winnie to put on her blindfold and then they came to pick me up (without Winnie knowing obviously). Then, I was the one who drove while Vivienne sat at the passenger seat entertaining her and also to supervise her, to circumvent that she remove the blindfold before reaching the destination.

Since we were running out of time, we didn't get to prepare helium balloons earlier and we stopped by the balloon shop before heading to out destination. Winnie was so anxious and worried, she kept saying that she wanted to remove the blindfold, thankfully Vivienne gave her a very harsh curse that she's afraid of, and that saved us loads of trouble. LOL.

When we reached to the mall, i quickly ran out of the car to set up the place while Vivienne procrastinate there so that I would have ample of time to set up everything.

Petals in love shape with a photo frame holding the photos of the trio. lol.
And the helium balloons! Hehehehe. 

Right after I was done, I texted Vivienne so that she could bring Winnie to meet up with me. 
Upon her arrival, she was completely stunned, 
and she was utterly speechless. 

Then the first thing she asked was: JESSICA WHY ARE YOU HERE??? 

She felt super mad embarrassed by the whole set up, she was reluctant to sit down. LOL.
After forcing her, she finally sat down, but the first statement she gave was:

LOL! Then I mutter in disappointment: You didn't even wanna take a photo of it. Haihhh.. Fine. I keep. 

Then when I started keeping them, she said, let me snap first! LOL.

And this was her, feeling all enraged and not fascinated. LOL!
She started complaining saying that we bullied her. HAHHAHAHAH!

We ignored and proceed to food ordering. 
Since Vivienne was a little unwell, we only ordered minimal food. 

And of course, for all our (Vivienne and I) hardwork, 
we had to snap away with the props! LOL!

Sometimes, I just won't take photo properly. LOL!

Hello pretty Birthday Princess!!! <3

Saddddd... Only managed to take one photo with Vivienne. 
Was too indulged in taking photo with the star of the day aka Birthday princess. lol.

The staffs really super spolier la!!!!!
I have already ordered a piece of cake and has SPOKEN to them about this birthday surprise. 
But when they came and kept the dishes after we're done dining, 

Then we were panicking trying to cover up, 
the staff came by again and asked me:

And the final one was the worst, 
before the cake was served, the staff shouted:
I can't really recall but that's me paraphrasing. lol. 

 Thankfully they made it up by singing birthday song loud enough that all the people in the restaurants stared at Winnie. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA, :P
I think some of them even sang along, ahhhh, 
if it's me witnessing something like this, I would definitely sing along! :P 

After the cakes, we then presented her the Birthday gift that we really hoped that she likes it. 
We spend quite some time in discussing about what to get for her. 
And I remember she once told me how much she really love that product from Lancome so I decided to just present her that! Hehhehehehe. 

Thanks to Vivienne for this lovely Valentine's day gift too! <3
Very sweet of her. :)

So overall even though it was quite a spoiler for the surprise plan, 
but we had so much fun, trying to make her more thick skin! HAHHAHAHAHHAHA!
I love celebrating for people who I really care about, 
and I love seeing them grinning from ear to ear. 
I really wish Winnie enjoyed the celebration as much as I enjoyed planning it and making it happen.

Happy Birthday again Winnie! 
Please anticipate for more exciting celebrating next year! HAHHAHAHAHH! :P

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