Victoria Station

I know how many shifty eyes I should be expecting, we did not plan to dine there at the very first place, but allow me to elaborate on it later on. So yea, you may think that this post is going to be a humdrum one, but I can assure you that this is not exactly the same, because the ones that I usually visited to was Victoria Station- Australia but this is Victoria Station- London. I don't know if it was just a change of menu, or different branches serve different menu or cuisine.

Yes, needless to rub your eyes, 
this ISN'T Victoria Station. 
This is us, chilling at McD The Curve, 
meanwhile searching for direction to get to Jake's Charboil. 
Yes, you read it right. 
Our initial plan was to dine at Jake's Charboil, 
I don't want to to elaborate too much on that YET, 
because I am anticipating for my dining experience there in the near future! 
We thought Medan Damansara is somewhere in the Damansara, 
that's why we thought to chill here after our lunch at Armada Hotel.
Medan Damansara is somewhere in KL!
So people, 
don't get fooled yo!

We arrived before 6pm, 
and their operation hours are 6.30-12pm I think. 
So they didn't allow us to enter first. 
We wandered around, took some crazy photos, 
and went chilling in the bank. LOL!
Chilling literally because the air-cond was really cold. 

Then... We finally saw crowd bulding up in front of the shop,
and flocks of them started entering the shop, 
so I went and asked if we could enter too,
and guess what???????
They asked if I have made a reservation, 
well, I didn't. 
And they said they could only allocate table for us around 9pm!!!!!

So we thought fine, let's dine at Victoria Station which is beside Jake's Charboil.
In case you are wondering, 
there is another branch of it in Starhill Gallery. 

Ok now let's get straight to the foooodddddd!!!!! 

I guess most of you would have guessed my caption for this, 
it's none other than... 
Complimentary bread is love!!! HAHAHAHHAHHAH!

My lobster bisque! 
Hehehehe. I used to love onion soup so much ...
But I am sorry... 
Because I just found my new love- Lobster Bisque! Hehehhehe. 

Salmon bisque! 
This is also very tasty!
I suggest every salmon lover should try this out!
The rich aroma of salmon combines perfectly with the creamy texture!
Awesome combination!

 Cheese baked Salmon. 
(Or is it other fish I forgot)
This is just heavenly!!!
Well, only if you are a cheese lover.
The cheese melt into every single piece of the fish, 
when you put it into your mouth, 
they break down together and it's just so delicious,
you wanna keep eating. 

 Lobster burger!!!!
Ok, hands down, Lobster is my favourite seafood from now on!
Gosh it's just so tasty!
Especially this one, where you do not need to remove the shell, 
you can enjoy the freshness and tastiness of lobster without compromising your time!

 Lamb stew!!
Believe it or not, 
this is actually my very first time trying out lamb stew!
It is of course very easy to eat! 
Though the portion may look small, 
but it's really filling! 

I picked crepe for dessert!
I have always been a huge fan for crepe! 
This is of course, very tasty. 
The only drawback is that I don't really fancy orange syrup! :(

My family members have a thing for dessert that came after the name bomb! LOL.
And this is what they picked. 
This dessert is soooo huge and it can be divided into 6 pieces. 
Don't bother ordering this if you are going in small number of people. 
It's tasty, but to me it's way tooo sweet!! :(

  1. Address: 11 Jalan Setiapuspa, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Phone:+60 3-2094 9406

Do try them out if you are a huge fan of London cuisine. Ps. I saw the chef, he is a caucasian, so I guess that explains why all the food tasted delicious. :) Have a great weekend peopo! :)

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