Logenhaus roast & grill and Crave Oasis Square

Hello peeps!! Sorry for the hiatus! It's been among the longest hiatus I have taken on my blog.
Let's get straight to the point!

As I was looking for great grill house I came across this grill house which one of my old school mate went on a casual day. She claimed that this place serves great food and a nice ambience complemented the awesome food they served. So I decided, I was not going to give this a miss.

I went on a Saturday afternoon, and the restaurant was fully loaded. We got a place just nice for all of us, but I couldn't take any photo of the place because all the seats were taken and the restaurant is really just a cosy little place.

The food were all reasonably priced! So big yeayyyy!!!

They had set lunch promo! Which is always a big plus for a big eater like me!
It comes with soup and drink! 

 We ordered oysterssss!!! 
Grilled to perfection with a generous amount of cheese as seasoning. 
Lemon to remove the foul smell. 
What else can I ask for? 
It was delicious!!!

 Surprise Surprise NOT!
I am a huge Salmon fish eater now! 
It was very nicely cooked, 
the moist and fats were well preserved despite the cooking.
Seasoning wasn't overdone. 
The only thing that is disappointing is that the side dishes were relatively small. 

 The other choice of Salmon was served with spaghetti!

 Can't recall the name of the fish. 
But for an amateur fish eater like me, 
I can never handle fish like this, 
with loads of bones, some were even hardly noticeable. 

Grilled chicken, which I have forgotten the proper name of it. 
This was surprisingly good! 
Everyone loves how the taste turned out to be, 
creamy but not too much, 
great taste and just the right portion. LOL. 

  1. Address: USJ 50, Jalan USJ 10/1B, USJ Taipan Triangle, UEP Subang Jaya, 47620, Malaysia

I then went to Oasis Square in the evening to explore that beautiful place again. But we were only feeling peckish, so we were reluctant to dine anything heavy. 

We picked Crave cafe. It looks like a cosy place to hangout, serves cakes and simple food. Not much people so it was quite a serene place to hang out. 

 I am a breakfast lover but isn't this tad too simple? 
I was fooled by the displayed photo. Sigh. 

 Thailand green curry that tasted alright! 

 Salmon which was I think the best dish among all the dishes. LOL!
You can never go wrong with Salmon!! 

 Simple but overpriced carbonara!

Ohhhhh!! I forgot this!
This is the best dish! 
It's a cake that has some macaroons in it. 
"I won't forget you, but I may forget your name~~~~"
Cue that song... LOLOL!
But this is so good I am thinking where else can I get this cake again. 

Ending this blog post with a stoned expression of mine! HAHHAHHAHAH!

Ohhh! Just before ending, 
let's take a moment to admire this beautiful setting! 
Go and see it! 

BG-03, Oasis Square,
Ara Damansara,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7734-3192

Hope you guys would enjoy these two places! Bye dollies! <3

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