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Once I put a blogpost up, I am always excited to write more up. Now that I have a little spare time just before my lunch break is over, I am going to put this up real quick.

I have had this restaurant at the back of my mind as a wishlist restaurants to dine in, and I never had the chance nor time until today my twinnie bestie and I decided to meet up for a quick catch up over a dinner.

I have never thought that the dinner served here would be a dinner, literally. Well, I should really have expected it anyway since it is a French boulangarie / bistro. It only has a menu for the day, which is highly suggested, and it comes with appetizer to main course and dessert. I wasn't even feeling hungry and ordering that much of food is definitely putting those effort of the chefs to waste, so, we went for A La Carte, which made us feel somewhat embarrassing. LOLOL.

 We were given two complimentary bun, 
which came in the cutest shape, 
like a grilled potato/ sweet potato! 
And gosh the taste was just perfect. 
One of the best bread I have ever had. 

Open kitchen concept, where the chefs cooked directly next to you, 
probably not you but in my case yes. 
Because we were both seated in the middle of the isle. 
Which honestly, was super awkward to me. 

The lady there, 
she is the one that baked the bread! Hehehhe. 
She is the least occupied one,
baking and people watching. LOL.

So yea, middle of the isle. 
You see that? 

And here's my spaghetti, 
which was SOOOOOO GOOD I can't even.
The spaghetti was nicely cooked, 
I like it when it's a bit hard and chewy. 
And the sauce was of course, literal perfection.
Whilst I am tapping away on my keyboard, 
I am planning on a next visit in my head.

Hello twinnie Bestie!!! 

This place is definitely a place that worth a visit! Go try out but find the best timing, 
because it is always full house in the weekends! 
Good luck dollies!

Address: Bangsar 24G, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur, 59100, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-2282 0118

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