Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar

Hello blogosphere, I am back again to share a cosy cafe which is on the pricier side. This cafe, should I regard it as a cafe, I don't know... So, back to my point, this place is great to just chill out with friends, and is definitely better if you are an alcohol drinker, they have a vast variety for you to choose from, there must be one that suit your taste. But, we were there to chill out in the late afternoon, so we went for things that's under category of PG13. LOLOL. 

Look at the interior design? 
Isn't it so vintage yet kept up with a touch

It was definitely a very happy day for all of us! 

P/s. I used to think that blogging is important when there are people who are reading them, I tend to blog for the others to see and soon I forgot the joy of simply writing a diary for my own. I am trying to find this contentment again, so if you really care to read, just follow me, I won't be posting any link on any social media anymore. :)

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