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3rd Jan 2015

My sis and I went to the Subway nearest to our house for lunch and rushed to Sephora. I only got my Sephora blackcard promotion yesterday and I knew it most probably is already finished but I foolishly thought if I could make it there just a little earlier I may stand a chance to claim those gift, but they are all finished! SO sad!

Then we walked around the mall, I got myslelf cranberry juice from Juice Works while my sis got an ice cream from Hokkaido ice cream which she said tasted like vegetables. Hahahahahahhaha.

Received a text from Winnie saying she wanted to stop by GM before 7 to pick up her old phone, So I had to rush home to drop off my sis and went to Winnie's place. It was raining cats and dogs by the time I reached her place and the whole road was already flooded by the sudden heavy rain.

When we got to GM, I stopped my car at the drop off place, where there were many people, too, parking and waiting. And guess what, the security guard had nothing better to do than to disturb me. He kept knocking on my car mirror and told me to remove my car. Only me- Chinese. WTF! Don't so racist can ah! All the malays he allowed them to park only! KANASAI!

Then we went to Gamuda Walk! I introduced Winnie to this new place. After taking a tour, we decided to dine at Nando's. And we continued to stuff our stomach with dessert from Caffe Bene.

Winnie gave us super delicious Jenny cookies which I have obliviously forgotten to take photo of. 

It was a pretty darn good day, especially when it ended with a great meet up with my bff!

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