Fun filled Saturday

I guess I do not need to tell why it was a fun filled day, people like me, found entertainment and happiness through shopping. Hahahahaha. But also I think I am going to splurge only until CNY and after that I really gotta think about how to save up my money... Hahahahaha.

Went for dim sum in the morning, I am a huge fan of dimsum, if you haven't already known. I can just eat those char siew pao all the time, eat those chee cheong fan and just everything they serve on a dim sum.

Honestly what you see on the photo are the ones that I ate. I ate them all yes, no shame. Hahahahahaha. I realize I can really eat like a dinosaur if it is my favourite food.

Then we headed to the mall and had some good bargains!

After we have done shopping here, we went to another mall to chill. The journey to another mall was quite long... So I took some selfies while the others were sleeping! Hhhahahahhaa. 

When we got to the mall, we definitely had to take a break by having some desserts. And we opted for Malaysian style! And man how I miss having this! I can't wait for Penang trip to gulp a few bowls of this down!!! 

Here is an image of how the mall looks super pretty with chinese decoration for the chinese new year! 

Some damage was done when I got into Sephora. No surprise, But I have gotten some products that I had been eyeing for super long and finally decided to just buy it. 

Then we went home to chill after buying some bread as tomorrow's breakfast. Then once again we headed out for dinnner. This time at our fav italian place!

 Pumpkin salad which I can't even...... 
It is soooooooooo tasty I just want to eat this photo up. 

 Ravioli! I began to love Ravioli ever since we started visiting this new dining place! :D

 Burger which is juicy and tender! 
Everything was just perfect. 

 Grilled salmon, which was good. 
But I wish the portion was bigger! 

 Pan-grilled dori fish! 
Looking good and again... The portion.... :(

Angel's hair is my current addiction and it is sooooooo gooddddddddd.. 
It was cooked to perfection. 
This is aglio olio which is the simplest way of cooking a pasta but also the hardest. 
It is spicy and tasteful, 
the spaghetti was just nice! 
I just love it! 

Ok! That's all for today! 

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