President's list Award

I am not a blow-hard person really especially when it comes to my own achievement, but I made it a point to pen down or more precisely type down these special moments in my life, just because I do not always receive an award and hence every single award means a lot to me. After all, I endeavored my entire degree life for moments like this, is it wrong to celebrate? :P

Although I took a very long time considering if I should attend this ceremony, I finally gave it in and decided I should just enjoy the possibly last award of my whole life. I mean, other than schools, who else would really give me an award? LOL. 

This time, though it is slightly different, unlike the past ceremonies which I had to attend alone, I have my BFF Winnie with me. It is definitely doubled joy! 

I have completely lost track of the traffic conditions in the morning around 8-9 in the morning because normally hours like this I am already working in a closed lab where I would not know what is happening at the outside. HAHAHHAHAHA. Very unfortunately, I got stuck in a massive jam which took me an hour extra to get to MSU. 

I looked for my BFF and visited my dearest SV, Ms. Jenny. Ohhhh how much I have missed her! I could still remember how she has helped me to overcome my greatest fear and just helped me in any possible way she could! I could never forget such a great lecturer for life. 

After a super long chit chat and got all sweaty due to our excitement, LOL, I went down to theater for rehearsal. One thing about the management of this university is that they do not know the beauty of punctuality. A rehearsal that is supposed to start at 10.30 am started at 12.30 instead. We were rotting inside with our stomachs growling. 

Went to have lunch later on and asked my friend P to come over and to enter the hall using the tickets for family so that he could help my BFF and I to snap photos! I couldn't thank him enough! He is always helpful and always present! 

All thanks to my friend P, I am able to see how foolishly I smiled on the stage! HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHA! NO la! I think this photo looks great and captured the essence- me smiling wide from joy for getting the award! 

Then there you go my compulsory rose and the stage photo that I took for every award ceremony that I attended!

Took some photos for remembrance when the event was over. Again, photo credits to my friend P. Would not have had all these beautiful photos if it wasn't for his generous assistance.

Then we both stuffed our stomach with loads of fruits! And I saw so many parents stared at my friend P and I. They must be thinking we are a pair and this is a weird combination! Hahahahahhaha. I seriously dislike stares like that! But overall, I had a satisfying meal- fruits. Hahahhahhhaha. 

The rain started pouring hard and before I left to my car, I received a phone call from MSU telling me to wear formal attire tomorrow for a photo shooting session! I was overjoyed!!! It means I am enlisted for some award, which they apparently acting very secretive not to reveal before the convocation! 

Got home had a good rest and all ready for tomorrow's rehearsal! It would feel amazing to see all my friends again! 

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