Rehearsal and Photo Shooting

The long awaited day has finally arrived. I was told by a friend that we would know if we were getting any award on the rehearsal day. so today it is! I will find out what do I get. I really hope it is not industrial award though, although it is shameless to say this but I really think I deserve more than just industrial award.

Ok. So back to my day. Lesson learnt yesterday about leaving house late and getting stuck in jam, thus I woke up early today and make sure I dolled up nicely for my photoshoot. Took my time to do my hair and make up nicely, hopefully tomorrow my photo on the big screen would look OKAY! Hahahahahhaha.

I reached there early and coincidentally I saw CC's car in front of mine upon arriving at MSU's parking lot. Right after he got down from his car he nonchalantly opened my car door and sat in my car. HAHHAHAHAHHA. You know someone is totally your best friend when they open your fridge/car door without even asking. HAHAHHAHAHA.

We walked into our campus together and saw Hasvin! Two's a company and three is a party! I could not agree more! We chatted like we haven't seen each other for 10 years and had so many to catch up. Well, it is kind of true though we haven't seen each other for almost half a year now. Miss those times together!

Went for rehearsal that is, as usual, taking forever to start. We were completely bored and frozen to death in the hall. And my menstrual pain definitely made things worse. I was half dead until the ceremony started. LOL.

Took a few selfies together while we were waiting. Of course I looked bloated. Hahahahaha. Whatever, the convo falls on the wrong time of the month. Hahahahhhahha. 

During the rehearsal, some names were called to gather for some secret mission, that is the photo shoot! Hahahhahahaha. I was selected and I finally found out the other student from our course that was also selected, Farah. Gosh... They refused to let us know what award we would be receiving but I am so worried if I only get industrial award. :(

Went for collection of robe, which is so much bigger than my body frame and I completely 'drowned' in the robe. Hahahhhahahaha. I was so awkward for the photo shoot but I hope they look all right! 

By the time the photoshooting was over, I was already famished. I needed to insert some food into my empty stomach and I was so happy to find out that my BFF Winnie who helping out in a nutritional meal stall has reserved a burito for me! She then added some aglio olio for me. Ever since I started ditching dairy product, I started falling in love with Aglio Olio, which I strongly evaded previously! Strange! Now, whenever I see Aglio Olio I would die to eat it. HAHAHAHAHHAHA. 

Had a not so wonderful lone time during lunch. Just take a look at how much I have grown up. Well, you can not really see, but I was such a coward to be alone. I just could not be alone and my heart cringe and my tears started welling up with just the thought of having to be alone. But now I am all cool. Hahahahahaha. 

I have also redeemed my certificate of president's list award and headed to the short and personal meet up with the university President. I fell asleep while waiting for him to arrive. He took forever, needless to say. And MSU photographer and videographer took tons of photos and videos of us. Once it was over, I left home. 

I contemplated if I should go to the saloon to fix my hair. I wanted to look glam and beautiful. But in the end I just listened to my mother's advice and just do it by my own. I went out anyway, to get my own bouquet! Hahahahaha. It is my very first time buying flowers for myself. I took really long time before deciding on getting peony roses! I am such a fan of peony roses I just have to pick it. Instead of making it look all graduation-themed, I made it dreamy and wedding-themed, and I gotta say I made the right choice! I was so in love with my hand bouquet! 

Night time, went out to pick up my dad and drank collagen before heading bed! Hopefully I look great tomorrow! I am so freaking darn nervous. Kbye. 

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