Resolution for 2015

Happy New Year! I believe there is no better time than now to write a new year resolution, speaking of which, I always forgotten my new year resolution towards the end of the year and never get to tick them off proudly at the end of the year. It could also be that my previous resolutions were quite precise and numerical and AMBITIOUS!

This year though I am going to keep them pretty lenient.

1. I want to be as lean as possible in 2015. I learnt that human are ought to be as lean as possible to live healthily for the rest of our lives, so here I am hoping that I would be as lean as possible without looking at the numbers that much.

2. I want to work hard and give out my 100% on my study without throwing tantrum, playing with my emotion and complain. If something doesn't work the way I wanted it to be, always remember that speed bumps are all along the road and that I shall learn to absorb the speed bump.

3. Don't friendzone anyone too soon. Always give someone a chance and give myself a chance to see how things would work. Only after that I would decide if it is worth the risk.

4. Be as patient as possible. Be as tolerant as possible. Do not get angry so easily. Be as polite as possible to people from all walks of life, especially to sales person. I must be kind in general.

5. Be more outgoing. Hang out with friends, all of my friends if I have time. Be friends and always be friendly.

6. Be very very low profile. Remember to only show the side of me where people wouldn't judge me for who I am. Show the world only the side the world loves to see, but not all the glorious side.

7. Save as much money as possible. Don't be a sucker for sales and discounts. Learn to save money for future use.

8. Keep to my skincare regime and don't change any of them for at least a year to see how the results would be. Always double cleanse with or without make up and always clean eye make up perfectly clean.

Ok! These are all I could think about at the moment and I think it is sufficient. I would be so proud of myself if I could achieve all of the ones mentioned above! Let's work hard and work smart in 2015! :D

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