The day after convocation, Italiannies Kelana Jaya

Convocation just flitted by like an airplane disappeared from our eyes in the wide sky before we even realizing. I still feel good about yesterday, and I look at my photos all the time, reliving that moment. I am utterly elated that I have managed to achieve the goals that I have set when I first step my foot into the university.

Today is an exciting day and therefore we need an amazing breakfast. We thought to check out a chinese mamak stall in a nook along Sri Muda main road but we were solemn to find out they are not operating on weekends. We had no choice but to dine at a simple coffee shop that sells practically everything for breakfast. Malaysian style of course.

We had less than half an hour to get ready because we had an appointment with real estate agent in the morning. I got ready at the speed of light, but still made sure I did not look too bad. Hahahhaha. Viewed two semi-detached which were both gigantic and up to our expectation. But they were both not in the best condition so, we would love to negotiate on the price.

I was also very happy when I was told I looked really young and they did not even believe I am turning 24 this November! Hehehehhe.

Headed to Paradigm mall because we were dying to dine at Italiannies again. Hahahhahahha. I however did not capture everyone's food for blogging purpose because I thought Italiannies should be a simple restaurant to find, and they do not need recommendations, they are well known for good food! :D

I am obsessed with Angel's Hair pasta recently. I don't know why but I just love how thin and smooth it is. Hahahaahaa.

Then we shopped around, and as usual stopped by Sephora to buy some cosmetics. My dad could not fathom why we had to go into Sephora everytime we are in a mall that has Sephora. Hahahhahahahha. My mum burst into laughters upon being asked that question. Hahahhahhahahha.

One thing my sister has reminded us on and off was the HyppTv event that was going on in the mall. They had loads of fun activities and we took a family portrait at the photo booth. Hahhahahaha. We also played along with the deco available. Hahhahahha.

It was such a simple yet fun day! I love weekends! <3

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