Oriental Banquet dining experience

We have been longing to experience dining in this restaurant since daddy's birthday last year, but got cancelled due to some catastrophic incident, which still persists. So, this year, on mummy's birthday, we have decided to make a reservation for the 5 of us, for an exciting fine dining experience with one of the oriental group restaurants.

We picked Oriental Banquet due to its strategic location that is nestled in the heart of the PJ, makes i easily accessible and of course, the menu caught our attention. 

When we arrived at the place, we were very neutral because it honestly do not look very impressive on the outside, but once we got our car parked and stepped into the banquet hall, we were all in awe by how pretty it looks. The chandeliers compete to shine their lights on the guess, the beautiful mezzanine floors that welcomed us enthusiastically, and the friendly staff who kindly ushered us to our table, the service and ambience were both sterling! 

 Too bad we did not get to sit directly under the  beautiful and shining chandeliers, because the kept the section closed for banquets. But still the whole place was stunning.

 Our seat was near to the balcony, where they have more seats.

 A variety of sauces and chillies for us to eat with our meals.

Look at the cutleries we have. Hahahhahaha. So many of them. 

We added an additional Yee Sang out of our 6 course meal. We picked the smaller portion, with salmon fish. It costs RM48++. 

Immediately after we were done with our lou sang and feasting on the prosperity for the year, we were served with an impeccably decorated appetizer. 

Crispy White Tuna Fish with Mandarin Orange Cubes

I don't normally love fried food but this is sooo good! So crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. The sauces were mixed with pomelo and mandarin oranges, so you could taste a mixture of sweet and sour, which I think went very well with the rather boring fried fish fillet. 

Braised Shark fin's soup with seafood in coconut

This is, hands down, the best shark's fin I have every tasted yet. Though I am really hoping we do not consume anymore shark's fin, we couldn't help it because it came in the 6 coursemeal and it will be an ordeal to change the menu. 

This was so good, I have always loved shark fin's soup, but this one tastes 100 times better because of it is mixed with the fragrance of the coconut. It was so good and the portion was really big too. We were pretty much stuffed by the time we finished this. 

But who could resist this.... 

 Braised whole abalone with Japanese Mushroom and Chicken Wing stuffed with Dried Scallop and Lingzhi mushroom

Especially when Abalone is my fav food on earth! Hahahahahhha. I was so excited about it, but also hoped that the abalone could be bigger. Hahahahhahaha. The sauce was good, everything was perfectly cooked. When we thought the chicken wing was just another bland and boring chicken wing, we were surprised by the nicely stuffed scallop and mushroom.

 Two varieties King Prawn

I do not eat prawns, so I thought I would not comment on the prawn, but I did eat the vege and all and OMG both of the varieties tasted so good! One of it is rather spicy, without gravy. They fried tiny slices of yam, which tasted like french fries. I liked it. The other one, was mildly spicy, but the taste was really good. 

Longevity noodles with shells. 

Since it was a celebration for my mum's birthday, we replaced the traditional rice with longevity noodles. If you love Wantan mee, you would love this. Because it tastes like wantan mee, but better, Hahahahahha. We were all super super stuffed when it was this dish and we were all struggling to finish it. Everyone was competing for the smaller portion ones. Not because of the food was bad ok, it really was very tasty, but we were too full to eat any more. Hahahahhaha. 

Chilled Mango with Sago Cream

As much as I love to finish this, I can't because I abstained myself from any dairy products. You see there is cream and ice cream inside, definitely a big no no for me. But I did eat one third of it. It was really good, you could taste honey dew and mango mixed to perfection. I assure you, even if you were full by then, your stomach would still have space for this hard to resist dessert temptation. Hahahahhaha. 

Mine, was put on the spinning deck, and mum decided if it stopped spinning in front of the person, the person would have to finish it. It was super exciting that we were all screaming and blowing. HAHAHAHHAHAHHAA. So funny, it felt like we were gambling. HAHAHHAHAHA. 

Ended the perfect luncheon with a lovely family portrait! :) 

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