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I had been a regular customer in this restaurant for more than half a year now and I realized I haven't even blogged about it.

I started gravitating towards Vietnamese food when I became a YouTube addict. I was a fan of many American Born Vietnamese YouTuber, and the way they eat Pho religiously strike an interest in me. And I thought to myself, if I do not give it a try, I may be missing out a lot of fun in life! So one day when I was shopping with my sis, we decided to give this restaurant a try and since then we had been eating Pho a lot too! Hehehehe.

It is located at the first floor of the mall, the same row as F21, Esprit, Aldo etc, but it is facing the ice skating site.

This is vietnamese popiah, in which they use this very special rice layer to wrap around some veges and either shrimp/chicken/beef. (RM9.90)

 This gave me a reminiscence of chee cheong fan. It comes with some vege and it tastes a little spicy. (RM9.90)

This has got to be my sister Kat's favourite. We would always order this. It is rice cake, topped with shrimp, fried onion and chilli. I do not know how to describe the consistency of the rice cake, but it is definitely a joy to chew them! heheheheh. (RM9,90)

 This is the traditional pho. Which I think resembles the ordinary kuey teow th'ng we have in Malaysia. But they eat it with peppermint leaves, and some sliced chicken, and the soup taste rather... Different (for the lack of a better word). (RM15.90++)

 This is the seafood pho which looks very spicy and tomyam-ish but it is actually not. It may taste mildly spicy, but it is definitely not super strong tasting soup. I think Pho's soup is relatively bland. Hahahhahahaha. (RM17.90++)

 This is grilled fish, but of course Vietnamese style. (RM19.90++)

Lemongrass grilled lamb with rice. I like lamb, I think it's very obvious. Hahhhahahhhaa. It taste very nice, comparable to some of the lamb chop in renown restaurants. Definitely worth a try, especially the price is less than RM20.

If you haven't tried any Vietnamese food, this is definitely a great place to begin your obsession. Hehehehhe.

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