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Happy Things

I have forgotten the last time I did this happy things update. D told me he loves my blog with more personal touch, so I thought, I just have to resume doing this happy things again.

So to kick start... I have here with me 5 awesome things, that were not just your ordinary awesome, they were life changing.

Oh wait, as I was choosing the significant 5 things, I noticed they are all foods. LOL.

 Because this is the first time I felt how is it like to be pampered. 
It was just a thought that I shared with D, 
the next thing I knew, 
it was right in front of me. 
Still feel touched with that particular sentence he said:
"you're sick so you should drink citrus blast first,
it's good for your cold."
The image of him smiling when he handed these fruit juices to me, 
still clings to my head,
as though he is always there smiling at me.
I will always remember this moment where I braved myself,
to receive D's kindness. 

 Other than my parents, 
I have never been gifted with so many boxes of Hello Panda in my life. 
Anddddddddd, the best thing was, 
D woke up early in the morning just to wait for me in the campus, 
so that he could deliver these to me before I started my day. 
It also came with a Vitamin C, 
which he told me to take one every day. 
That was the moment I knew, 
being cared for, could actually feel this amazing. 

 Because these items I was holding in my hands, 
signified perseverance.
Who would have thought kindness would still go on when it was exchanged with cold shoulders in return.

 Because nobody could be as thoughtful as D is. 
He removed the cheese for me just because I don't take diary products. 
He delivered to me amidst his busy schedule, 
and asked for nothing but a smile in return. 
All my favourite flavours gathered in a bag. 
That's when I knew, 
nobody knows me better than he does. 

Because he created a lame reason, the boss day, 
to deliver these to me,
after a severe communication breakdown. 
He always knew what's best for me, 
a hot camomile to calm my soul and tummy, 
and pie for me to nibble on when I feel peckish.
That also marked the beginning of me, accepting D's kindness with open heart and hands,
and reciprocated accordingly. 

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