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Happy Things

 Because D promised to get me these, wayyyyyy before he was sure of how I felt about him. 
It's just how amazing, 
how he was so sure of his feelings sooooooo soon! 
It was sooooo adorable of D when he found out his friend managed to 
get the one that I wanted the most,
he was certainly more excited than I was. :P
No wait, I was REALLY excited too. 

 Because D was constantly worried that I would starve myself. 
Andddddd.. It was just a random conversation where I told him my love for cranberries. 
And many many weeks after, he quietly got me these. 
It's wonderful how D remembers all the little details. 

 Because, my stubborn heart finally saw D for who he is. 
It was an simple advance birthday celebration for D. 
But it was also a secret celebration for my fluttering heart, 
to have found its owner. 

 Because.... D saw the human or shall I say clumsy side of me. LOL. 
That was also how I found out that he can be reallyyyyyyyy thoughtful. 
It was the first time in a very long time, 
that I felt this comfortable hanging out with a guy, 
well the only plausible explanation has got to be, because D is a man. 

D knew I was having a long day, and he knew my love for Chinese food.
So he spare his time despite of his busy schedule, 
just to come and literally feed me these. 
He also got me a cup of tea to help me stay awake throughout the day. 
I seriously couldn't find anyone sooooooo thoughtful. 
And it was also this day, that I was more certain of how I felt about him. 
I knew I was definitely going to be well taken care of with him around. 

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